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Jun 5, 2016
reorg of page
  • Accepted and Implemented Suggestions
    The Empire has an amazing and inspiring Community who help shape the future of EMC with their suggestions and ideas. Below are notable player suggestions that have been accepted and added onto EMC over the years.

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Yellow indicates partially added.

    Chat Suggestions(top)

    • Inappropriate Chat Filter
    • Group Chat Channel
    • Ability to Leave Individual Channels
    • Custom Away Messages
    • Chat prefixes to indicate channels
    • CAPS filter
    • Chat Alert for PMs
    • Optional Chat Alert Sounds
    • Nickname alerts
    • PM log command
    • In-game messages for offline players -Mail system added
    • Allow Chat to be turned off but still be able to receive PMs - Partially added with /Chat hide

    Economy Suggestions(top)

    • Ability to add a reason for /r pay
    • Turning of shop notifications
    • Increasing the referral bonus
    • Trade Channel - Added Economy Channel
    • Peek Chests - Added PREVIEW Signs
    • Free Vault - added timer
    • Confirm shop transaction - Added to enchanted items and SLOT signs
    • Selling books through chests - added SLOT signs
    • New player rupee tutorial - added more descriptions to tutorial
    • Donator buy signs - added buy/sell Flags

    Moderation Suggestions(top)

    • Muting command for Staff to use
    • New Player Rule Book
    • Automatic restrictions on Inappropriate Usernames
    • /modreq - added /staff to find staff easily
    • Unban yearly - Added option for old banned players to appeal

    Residence Suggestions(top)

    • Entity limits
    • Locking Items in Town - Added RESTRICT signs
    • Increasing derelict time from 10 days
    • RTS teleports to other Residences
    • Ability to change residence biome
    • No iron golems in Town
    • ACCESS sign improvements
    • Visiting a Random Shop - Added with Residence Tags
    • Naming a Residence - Added with Residence Tags
    • Voting to postpone Derelict Status
    • addition of %colorplayer for residence messages
    • TP sing custom messages
    • Tripwire RTS
    • Allow past-supporter to default res message
    • List of current active Residence Tags with /res tag list
    • Short derelict timer for new players
    • /v random
    • Fixing the chickenpocalypse - limiting throwing eggs
    • Activate Feature Signs with weighted pressure plates
    • RTS directional upgrades - store more player data
    • Property selling with items on res
    • Purchasing Residences with Rupees - Added in the form of vouchers
    • Mailboxes - Added as the Mail system versus a physical mailbox
    • Ability to fly on your residence - All players now have the ability to fly in Utopia Town
    • Move residence - added as Senior Staff Service
    • Res dirt clear outs - added as Senior Staff Service
    • List residence flag default statuses - added in cset
    • Connecting Residences underground - added as Senior Staff Road Edit
    • Beacon Affect Range - added buffs flag
    • Res portals able to use gold/iron tps - Modified to allow no blocks necessary
    • Visit players without having to type out their whole name - tab completion added
    • Color codes in res messages - added as supporter perk
    • Auto-switch servers to visit Residences - added message to say which server to go to
    • Beacon react signs - covered with Buffs flag for residence

    Flag Suggestions(top)

    • Egg flag
    • Villager Trade flag
    • Destroy flag
    • Move furnaces to container flag
    • Add noteblocks to a flag
    • Remove grass from firespread flag
    • Give all permissions flag - ADMIN flag added
    • Enderpearl flag
    • Minecart flag
    • Redstone Flags
    • Fishing flag
    • Firespread flag false by default
    • Kill, plant and harvest Flags - Kill flag added
    • Fly flag - Added to all Utopian Residences

    Misc Suggestions(top)

    • Changing residence order
    • Remove bedrock - Priced at 10,000r per

    Server Suggestions(top)

    • Decreasing server slots to increase performance
    • Changing SMP with /server
    • Send new players to empty servers - Added server rotation

    Site and Forums Suggestions(top)

    • List of already suggested ideas
    • Link to and Mojang server status
    • New Forum Titles/Trophies
    • Highlighting important threads - Sticky Threads
    • PvP channel in Mumble
    • Reverse Auctions
    • More players able to be in one conversation
    • EMC Time on site - sidebar and wiki page added
    • Forum to share Minecraft builds
    • Forum games section
    • auctioning multiple double chests per auction
    • Music section
    • Contests section - Events section added
    • EMC Event Schedule
    • Marketplace Discussion
    • Disable force-registering
    • Allow goodbye threads
    • Side-Bar to highlight EMC Updates
    • Promotional Items in the Wiki
    • Ranks and Supporter Status visible
    • Make editing the wiki open to all players - Added contribution team
    • Ban videos/gifs in signatures - Option to disable in preferences
    • Teamspeak server - Mumble server added
    • IM/chatbox - IRC server added -
    • Players online box - Players listed online under servers page
    • Ban religious threads - moderated
    • Events announcement bar - Added updates side-bar and events calendar

    Supporting and Perk Suggestions(top)

    Wild Suggestions(top)

    • Locking doors/buttons/levers
    • Enderchests at spawn
    • Multiple mob drops with rare items
    • Locking Beacons
    • Locking Spawners
    • Warping to Official Spawn Outposts
    • Cave Spider Head Drop
    • Wastelands End World
    • Locking chests in the Wastelands
    • Command to tell you the distance you are from spawn - added /loc
    • Town Chat accessible from Wild - Added as supporter perk
    • Regular PRA resets
    • Wilderness Wednesday - added as Friday Night Miners
    • Easy mode - Choose your difficulty added
    • Warning near edge of Wastelands - auto-tp added

    Misc Suggestions(top)

    • Official Spleef arena
    • AFK kicks
    • Voting reward update
    • EMC Olympic event
    • Mob Arena event
    • PvP Arena open 24/7
    • Voting reminders and rewards
    • Empire Contests
    • Friends System
    • Advertise on voting sites to bring more players
    • In-gmae messages about updates
    • Community Appreciation Award
    • Mob Arena Leaderboard
    • Egged mobs keep their name data
    • Empire CRAFTA 2013 Awards
    • Vote info with /vote
    • Horse Commands and storing - Added Stables
    • New Tutorial
    • Mob Arena - Staff vs The World Event
    • Improve Last Seen Message
    • Clearer player setting interface in /ps
    • Make villagers spawn as babies
    • Challenges - Partially added as token rewards for activities
    • PvP Teleport Timer Changes - Partially modified to catch reloggers
    • /ignore clear and /tempignore - partially added with ignore list update
    • Empire Newspaper Books - Added monthly news on site
    • Dropping item warning - added block for soulbound
    • Player of the month - added Cmmunity Appreciation Awards
    • Monthly Voters Block - added more Voting Contest Blocks
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