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Jun 4, 2016
reorg of page-1
  • Tabled Suggestions for Future Discussion

    Sometimes players may suggest something that sounds like something EMC could add, but that current limitations or coding complication may prevent the suggestion from being fully accepted/rejected until further discussion is completed. Below is a list of all suggestions that are currently tabled for future discussion. A link is included to the original thread for reference in the future discussion:

    Economy Suggestions(top)

    • Timed gift signs
    • Linking chests to shop signs far away -link
    • Sharing Rupees with /share -link
    • Remote shopping with Commands -link
    • Automatic Shop adverts -link
    • Donation shop signs -link
    • Rupee vouchers -link

    Residence Suggestions(top)

    • Spawning peaceful mobs in Town again - link
    • /v playername takes you to res on that server, regardless of number - link
    • Entity limit priorities - link
    • Add color coding to message signs - link
    • Tag visit improvements - link
    • Rentable event center - link
    • Adding scenery/greenery to Town border - link
    • Mob pets that follow you around - link

    Server Suggestions(top)

    • Creative Server - link

    Site and forums Suggestions(top)

    • In-game Banned players having limited forum abilities - link
    • Enabling and disabling shop signs from site -link
    • Ability to save threads for viewing later - link
    • Sound Cloud integration - link
    • QuoteMe -link
    • Searchable rupee history - link
    • /p lookup on site -link
    • Expanded highest posting members list - link
    • Liking status comments -link

    Senior Staff Services Suggestions(top)

    • Creating complicated banners - link

    Miscellaneous Suggestions(top)

    • Leaderboards at PvP - link
    • Horses and Horse Arenas in PvP -link
    • PvP Lucky Dip (Random Item Buy Chests) -link
    • Vaulting Heads between Games Server and Regular server -link
    • Shooting shiny arrows last - link
    • Invisible potions that only make you invisible to mobs -link
    • Books readable in chests -link
    • Storing villager data -link
    • Make stone slab 44:7 available with wand -link
    • Staff livestream Dragon Tomb Arrival for Charity - link
    • Nameplates for your group members persistent behind blocks - link
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