Mumble Rules

May 16, 2016
Mumble Rules
  • Mumble is a great tool for communicating with other players on EMC. Because of its popularity, some rules and policies have been created, to assure everyone gets the best possible experience and things are under control.

    Mumble Rules(top)

    Often it is too quickly forgotten that behind the voices and text, there are (normally) living and breathing humans. This means that when you say hurtful things to others in Mumble, although they may not act out in retaliation, they aren't unaffected. Cyber bullying is a BIG issue on the internet and here on EMC, we work with the Community to prevent that. But it's a bit different than the clear logs in-game...

    Mumble doesn't have voice logs and recording is off limits, except in the appropriate channels. Therefore, if someone is mean to you, it's been nearly impossible for a staff member to have real evidence. The rules are outlined below:

    Do Not Discuss Staff Reports/Incidents over Mumble:
    • Mumble should not, in any case, be used to discuss staff related topics or report rule-breakers. Those must be done via private messaging on the forums, the /report feature or email
    Do Not Use Inappropriate Language
    • Mumble has many different channels. Community Channels 1-3 allow PG language, meaning it follows the same rules as the EMC language rules. All the other channels allow PG-13 language, meaning some swearing is allowed. Keep in mind that excessive and/or unnecessary swearing is not allowed, and will result in consequences on Mumble and possibly extend to in-game punishment as well. Ask a staff member if you have a question about what is/isn't allowed.
    • Accidents happen and a simple warning usually sets people right. If someone is cursing more than what can be considered accidental, then please report the issue to a staff member. We aren't an R-rated server. You can manage to keep the Chat appropriate in order to keep things fun and family friendly for everyone to be able to enjoy Mumble.
    Do Not be Rude or Bully Others
    • Being rude is not allowed and repetitive instances is considered bullying. Don't do it EVER and you won't have any issues. Treat others how you expect them to treat you. If you expect someone to call you names and make fun of you, then message me, because we have other problems.
    Do Not Spam or Refuse to Utilize Push to Talk When Necessary
    • If your mom/grandma/husband/little kid is shouting in the background, the other players on Mumble don't want to have the line spammed with your personal issues broadcasting across the channel. Once in a blue moon is an accident. Every time you are online is blatant disregard for the people in the channel.
    • If someone uses text to speech, be courteous when chatting in the text boxes. Using it specifically to spam them is not allowed.
    Do Not Record Others Without Their Permission
    • Recording on Mumble should only be done if all the players in the channel agree to it. You may also use the designated recording channel.

    Reporting Mumble Issues Appropriately(top)

    • Any Mumble issue should be reported to Krysy directly via with any and all witnesses include if they are testifying
    • If 3 witnesses testify to issues from an account that staff deems against the Mumble policies, that account will be tempbanned from Mumble for 1 week as a starting point. Repetitive instances will result in longer periods of punishment.
    • False testifying can result in your own account being tempbanned. This reporting system is something not to be abused and is meant to help the players that we haven't been able to help. Please don't use this system incorrectly.
    • If you are permanently banned from EMC, you will be permanently banned from Mumble.
    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.

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