Meet the Moderators M-P

Feb 1, 2017
Meet the Moderators M-P
  • Moderators are tasked with keeping the Empire a fun and happy place for all players. Moderators handle rule-breakers, keep the forums and the in-game Chat clean, and often deal with general issues, concerns, or questions that players may have.

    Joined: October 14th, 2012
    Rank: Moderator
    Melk73 rejoined the Moderation Team on February 23rd, 2016 after taking a break. He joined EMC on January 14th, 2012.

    What do you like to do IRL?I like to go camping with my friends/family and I love random spontaneous road trips with my mates, driving around the country with them. My family and I are also really into fishing. Lastly for an active hobby I like to play dodge ball with a group of good friends.
    Favorite animal and why: My favorite animal is the platypus. I love them because they are unique and I love unique people/animals.
    Favorite website:My favorite Website is YouTube. I love spending time looking at different videos and learning things/laughing at things. I enjoy comedy channels the most out of all of them.
    Favorite thing about EMC:My favorite thing about EMC is the Economy. I enjoy seeing that it is run by people who enjoy working together and keeping their shops/friendships alive together.
    Favorite color and why:My favorite color is Royal blue. I find blue is a peaceful color.
    Favorite Minecraft block:Lapis, because it is my favorite color and I enjoy the texture.
    If you were a mob in Minecraft, what would you be and what would you do? A spider. I'd definitely find the biggest, grandest build I could find and make a home of web to invite more to. After all, who doesn't like a party.
    Favorite music: Generally easy going. Probably rock/metal more than others but generally whatever's playing.
    Pets? 2 self sustaining 3rd generation gold fish.
    If you had to lose one sense, what would it be?I would be okay losing my smelling. I feel it is the least important of the senses.
    Favorite cookie:My favorite cookie would be ANZAC biscuits.
    Favorite quote:"Honesty is the best policy." -Benjamin Franklin
    If you could meet one person, who would it be? I would love to meet Qkazooo. Over the past few months we have gotten to know each other really well.I'd love the chance to get to know her more and travel around America with her.

    Joined: April 1st, 2012
    Rank: Moderator
    NickkG joined the Moderation team on October 13th, 2015. He joined EMC on April 1st, 2012.

    What brought you to EMC? The Empire was actually the first server that I have ever played on Minecraft multiplayer. At the time I did not really understand how Minecraft multiplayer worked, but somehow someway EMC became my first server.
    What do you like to do IRL? In real life I love doing photography and taking a ton of pictures on how I see the world. I explore and do a ton of adventures with my camera in my hand exploring the whole world anywhere and everywhere.
    Favorite animal and why: My favorite animal would be Owls because I actually grew up with them in my backyard, and its a cool story that I will always remember.
    Favorite thing about EMC: The Community, the fact that a lot of us work together to create such an amazing server alone shows a lot about what EMC is all about.
    Favorite color and why: Blue would be my favorite color because of the sky, and the Dodgers baseball team! I'm a huge baseball fan, and the LA Dodgers are everything to me!
    Favorite Minecraft feature: The elytra is my favorite feature because who does not like to glide super far?
    Favorite Minecraft block: Smooth Sandstone block because it goes good with a lot of building, designs etc =)

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