Halloween Town Event

Feb 7, 2017
Halloween Town Event
  • The week-long Halloween Town Event began on October 30th, 2016, and involved a small, haunted village built by staff members that was home to vanishing mobs. In the Halloween Town, players could trade Haunted Candy with one another. This worked if both players threw candy at each other, which would then award each player with two points. Mobs could also drop the rare-colored 2016 Halloween Town Armor when defeated.


    Accumulated points would result in rewards being mailed to the player at certain thresholds, as shown below:


    The /hscore and /smpscore Commands allowed players to track the highest point earners overall and on each SMP. The winners of which can be seen below:

    • Globally: TheKloned (1441)
    • Utopia: Chickeneer (79)
    • SMP1: TheKloned (1183)
    • SMP2 B4DMAN5IMON (238)
    • SMP3: 820327 (147)
    • SMP4: TallestJawa (85)
    • SMP5: allygirl5 (117)
    • SMP6: TheBoracle (265)
    • SMP7: cubefragment (233)
    • SMP8: FrenchMenace (183)
    • SMP9: Lilzies (88)
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