Frontier Nether

Apr 18, 2015
Frontier Nether

  • Deep down in the world, yet far beyond the bedrock layers, lies the fiery realm of the Nether. The Nether is a land wrought with lava and fire, as well as untold dangers.

    The entrance to the Nether from inside the Frontier must be made via nether portals. A static teleport is available for use within the Town Spawn (use /town command to get here), and using /nether in the Town will also send you to the Nether.

    If you would like to get to a specific area of the Wastelands Nether, then you can also specify the wind direction you want to travel to. A good example would be by using /wnether south (short: /wnether s), as well as /wnether ne, and so on.

    While the main inhabitants, the Zombie Pigmen, remain passive unless provoked, the other denizens of the deep are not so nice. Ghasts fly throughout the air looking for errant travelers to shoot balls of exploding flames at to defend their lava realms. The lava itself will even flow like water and come to life when the slimes in the molten magma allow it to move.

    The ruinous fortresses of a bygone civilization can be found in the cliffs and walls of the Nether. Guarding these fortresses are beasts of flame known as Blazes, as well as dark Skeletons which are also known as Wither Skeletons; beings who speak an ancient language which they use to call upon their god, the Wither.

    Running through the flames in packs are Netherhounds that will call upon other hounds to feed on a tasty unlucky morsel crossing their paths.

    Traveling via Nether is a quicker (albeit more dangerous) way of travel, as eight meters (blocks) in one direction would normally traversed in the Frontier as one meter (block) in the Nether.

    It is recommended that you arm yourself accordingly, as the Nether is wrought with dangers and hardships unnumbered with no Goblin King in sight. King Jareth cannot save you with sweet lullabies in the Nether.

    We have multiple worlds on each server for building, mining and exploring.

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