EMC Philosophy on AFK farms

Feb 15, 2016
EMC Philosophy on AFK farms

  • What is an AFK farm?(top)

    An AFK farm is a player build structure which allows players to gain resources while they're standing still next to the structure (afk: Away From Keyboard). The players presence is required so that the area in which the farm resides is kept loaded in the servers memory.

    There are roughly 2 types of farms to distinguish: XP farms and Mob ("monster") farms (also called grinders). An XP farm focuses on providing the player with (easy) killable mobs so that they drop XP orbs to pick up to gain XP ("TEXP"). A Mob farm (or grinder) focuses on mob drops. It kills mobs without any interaction from the player and then collects the items which they dropped (like how a zombie drops rotten flesh when it's killed).

    AFK farms and (vanilla) gameplay(top)

    Farms can play a big role in Minecraft gameplay because they can provide large amounts of XP and/or items in a relatively short timespan. This can help players focus their attention on other areas instead of repeatably hunting mobs in order to gain those dropped rewards.

    However, farms can also risk players to focus their attention solely on obtaining these items without actively participating in the game anymore. Note that we don't make a difference between main or alt characters: in the End a player (whether it is an alt or not) stops to actively play the game and merely remains idle to gather resources.

    EMC's philosophy on the usage of farms(top)

    Empire Minecraft understands that farms form an important part of the Minecraft gameplay and will continue to acknowledge that fact. However, the importance of gameplay will always come before the importance of farm usage.

    It is our belief that farms should not be included in the definition of vanilla gameplay. In other words: although the usage of farms is possible in vanilla (singleplay) gameplay it does not define the way the game is played. For example: in singleplay people don't stand next to a farm all day in order to get the resources they require. Instead they'd go out mining in order to obtain them, because that is basically what Minecraft is all about: people play the game in order to win (in this example to gain their wanted resources).

    That philosophy is also what Empire Minecraft strives to protect on their servers.

    Gameplay vs. farm usage(top)

    Empire Minecraft can, and will, continue to make changes to the vanilla gameplay if it improves the overall gameplay experience on the server. We will always value active gameplay to gain rewards more than gameplay which simply evolves around standing still ("afk") next to a farm in order to obtain those rewards.

    Therefor please be advised that it is very well possible for future updates to impact the usage of farms, especially if the use of those farms consist of nothing more but idle player presence ("afk"). However... Empire Minecraft has no intention to specifically target XP farms which require player interaction nor any grinders for mob drops. But if an update provides a better game experience at the expense of (afk) farm usage then the gaming experience will always get a higher priority.

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