Easter Valley Event

Jan 8, 2018
Easter Valley Event
  • The Easter Valley event (thread) was a three-mode mini-game map which launched on April 16th, 2017 for the Easter season of that year. It was hosted in a special Easter-themed design of the /event world, which is also used for other seasonal games and parties.


    When players entered the /event world, they could choose between three game modes, each of which took place in the Easter-themed map designed for the event.

    The story mode involved a quest to assist the Easter Bunny's assistant as they prepared for the Easter holiday. Players who completed it were given the Chocolate Bunny item.

    The free-roam mode allowed the player and their friends to explore the Event World's beautiful map.

    Scavenger hunt mode(top)

    The scavenger hunt mode asked players to find and solve the 12 clues hidden around the map, and complete the bonus phrase.

    This post revealed the winners of this mode, as well as an honor roll for people who solved all clues and the bonus phrase.


    There were a number of prize drawings, which corresponded to the amount of correct clues players solved when they filled out the answer sheet linked in the thread. Each drawing contained multiple prizes and allowed for multiple winners.
    1. Players that correctly answered at least 3 clues were entered for a chance to win one of 10 5k rupee prizes.
    2. Players that correctly answered at least 6 clues were entered for a chance to win one of 10k rupee prizes, one of 10 Vault Vouchers, or one of 10 Stable Vouchers.
    3. Players that correctly answered at least 9 clues were entered for a chance to win one of 5 Iron Supporter Vouchers.
    4. Players that correctly answered all 12 of the clues and solved the bonus phrase were entered for a chance to win one of 5 Gold Support Vouchers.


    The answers to each clue were as follows:
    1. Basket
    2. Tulips
    3. Lamb
    4. Daffodils
    5. Sunshine
    6. Sprout
    7. Marshmallow
    8. Jelly Beans
    9. Eggs
    10. Hatch
    11. Nest
    12. Chocolate
    Bonus Phrase: "Hopping down the bunny trail."

    Design and creators(top)

    The Easter Valley map was designed by the Build Team, led by B4DMAN5IMON, the Build Team Leader.


    A trailer was released to promote the event.

    Take part in events on EMC, host one yourself or visit a special Empire residence.

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