Commands: Anti-Griefing System

Aug 29, 2016
Commands: Anti-Griefing System
  • The Anti-Griefing System brought with it several new Commands to help protect players, Friends and Groups and allow them to manage block-breaking permissions. See the previous link for its full functionality, including relevant Player Settings.

    Anti-Grief System Commands(top)

    • /buildmode [on|off|true|false] - enables or disables build mode, or, if a value is not provided, it toggles the current state.
      • Buildmode only works in the Frontier (Wild/Nether/End), not the Wastelands. However, uncommon blocks will be protected by default when placed in the Wastelands.
    • /noprotectmode [on|off|true|false] - when toggled on, it will ensure no placed blocks are protected
    • /vouch <for> [on behalf of] - players can vouch for players on behalf of themselves or their friends, allowing that player to break the friend's protected blocks for 30 minutes or until they sign back in.
    • /unvouch <for> [on behalf of] - removes your vouch on the a player previously vouched for.
    • /gr blockbreak - group leaders can toggle whether or not members of a group are able to bypass the protection for each other's blocks.
    • /gr buildmode [player] - group leaders can specify who should own all protected blocks which are placed by the group. If no name is specified then the option is turned off.
    • /f blockbreak <name> [on|off|auto] - Toggles whether or not that specific friend is able to break your blocks.
      • Overrides the player setting "Allow Friends".
      • Use no value or 'auto' to reset the value to default behavior (follow the /ps setting).
    • /f vouch <name> [on|off|auto] - Toggles whether or not that specific friend can vouch for you (so allowing others to break your blocks).
      • Overrides the player setting "Allow Friends To Vouch".
      • Use no value or 'auto' to reset the value to default behavior (follow the /ps setting).
    The Empire has simple Commands for all of its features. /Assist will open up a menu with the basics.

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