Already Suggested: Teleport and Wild

May 19, 2016
Already Suggested: Teleport and Wild

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Teleport Suggestions(top)

    /back - link
    /home & /wild usable in the Wilderness - link
    End teleport at Spawn - link
    /detroit alias for /Wastelands - link

    Wild Suggestions(top)

    Locking doors/buttons/levers - link
    Enderchests at wild spawn - link
    Multiple mob drops with rarities - link
    Locking beacons - link
    Locking spawners - link
    Directional warping (i.e. /waste n) - link
    Drop Cave Spider Heads - link
    Wastelands End World - link
    Vault in the wild - link
    Death command - link
    Enderchest locking - link
    Lock an item so it cannot be removed but can be used - link
    New/repopulating wild - link
    Claim spawners - link
    Thirst meter - link
    Player submitted seeds with regen - link
    Generate Wastelands in amplified mode - link
    Limiting new players from going to Frontier - link
    /journey to track distance and other data - link
    Chests store dropped items upon death - link
    Allow entities to travel with you through the portal - link
    Live Map for the End - link
    Disable Trapped chests in the wild - link
    Staff replaces any griefed items - link
    Egging hostile mobs - link
    Nether/Wild Peekbox on Utopia - link
    Locked chest finder - link
    Auto-teleport hostile mobs out of protected areas - link
    Various lock sign changes - link
    Increase ent count - link
    Frontier reset - link
    All monsters dropping Tokens, not just Enraged - link
    Command to tell you the distance you are from spawn - added /loc - link
    Town Chat accessible from Wild - Added as supporter perk - link
    Regular PRA resets - link
    Wilderness Wednesday - added as Friday Night Miners - link
    Easy mode - Choose your difficulty added - link
    Warning near edge of Wastelands - auto-tp added - link
    A new way to get dragon eggs - link
    Locking rails - Grief protection - link
    Outpost protection - link
    More Frontier outposts - link
    More people on lock chests - link
    Locking Chests in the Wastelands - link
    Split loot - link
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