Already Suggested: Supporting and Perks

Dec 28, 2015
Already Suggested: Supporting and Perks

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Supporting and Perk Suggestions(top)

    Supporters' Residences not being reset - link
    Supporter pre-pay - link
    Gifting supportership - link
    Discounts on Senior Staff Services - link
    A rank that you keep - link
    Hide from /p
    Disable fire damage for supporters - link
    No wait time to unclaim and reclaim a residence for supporters - link
    Emerald supporters - link
    Iron supporter having more Residences - link
    Various other Supporter ranks - link
    Supporter pause when banned - link
    Using EGC to pay for supporter - link
    Disguises for supporters - link
    Supporter rupee bonus going up over time - link
    Access to bedrock for supporters - link
    Dynmap markers - link
    Make Fireworks a supporter perk - link
    /ptime to change time of day for player - link
    /me command - link
    Supporter Armor and Tools - link
    Locks cheaper for supporters - link
    Decrease egging costs in wild - link
    Access to Endertopia after expiration of supporter if purchased ender-res - link

    Diamond supporters get to claim 2 promos - link

    Preview Supporter - link
    Supporters getting higher entity limit - Utopian Residences have higher /entc - link
    Enraged mobs - Some added, more coming - link
    Free wild stable for Diamond supporter - link
    Expanded perk selection - link
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