Already Suggested: Site and Forums

Dec 28, 2015
Already Suggested: Site and Forums

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Site and forums Suggestions(top)

    List of already suggested ideas - link
    Link to and Mojang server status - link
    More trophies - Referral and other trophies added - link
    Highlighting important threads - link
    PvP channel in Mumble - link
    Reverse Auctions
    New Forum Titles/Trophies - link
    Raise conversation paritipant limit - link
    EMC Time - link
    Place to share all Minecraft builds, both on and off EMC - link
    Forum games section - link
    Auctioning multiple double chests per auction - link
    Forum section for Music - link
    Contests section - Events section added - link
    EMC Event Schedule - link
    Marketplace Discussion Section - link
    Disable force-registering - link
    Allow goodbye threads - link
    Updates side-bar - link
    Move 'More' Tab to End - link
    Adding Promotional Items to the wiki - link
    Ranks and supporter-status visible - link
    EMC Time added to forum side-bar - link
    Per player forum font - link
    Upload files with private messages - link
    Forum auctions timer - link
    Add Facebook elements to the site - link
    Combine double posts - link
    Guest help thread - link
    Fixed header - link
    Delete own threads - link
    Personal Live Map hotspots - link
    Map sharing sub-forum
    Remove leaderboards - link
    Activity/Banned status based ranks - link
    Lock own auction threads - link
    Steam Team - link
    Raidcall server - link
    Referral History - link
    Recent Updates Limitations to Public Profiles only - link
    Recently Active Auctions Sidebar - link
    Require polls in all suggestions - link
    Different Diamond Forum Rank Color - link
    Remove Auction Rules - link
    Edit titles of own threads - link
    Site ignore list - link
    Miscellaneous auction section with no quantity limits - link
    Single chest auctions - link
    Checkbox to state this is not a ban appeal - link
    Moving off-topics posts to another thread - link
    Alerts for followed members - link
    Ban appeals thread section - link
    Group pages with individualization integrated into site - link
    Forums per server - link
    Search for player res on live-map - link
    Penny auctions - link
    Dislike button - link
    Mod applications on the forums with responses - link
    Edit auction posts - link
    Like posts in private messages - link
    Auto-redirect new players in each forum section to the stickied post - link
    Auto-lock inactive threads - link
    Sending items through the site - link
    Edit polls - link
    Forum alerts pushed to in-game - link
    Colored thread titles - link
    Move AMA's to Introduce Yourself - link
    Use .gif files in Profile Pics - link
    Logging into site increases derelict timer - link
    Promoted Auctions Subforum - link
    Hashtags on posts - link
    18+ area of the forums - link
    Auto-updating recent threads list - link
    Restrict people that can bid on your auction - link
    Auto-add forum pre-titles - link
    Forum Tutorial - link
    Make editing the wiki open to all players - Added contribution team - link
    Ban videos/gifs in signatures - Option to disable in preferences - link
    Teamspeak server - Mumble server added - link
    IM/chatbox - IRC server added - link
    Players online box - Players listed online under servers page - link
    Ban religious threads - moderated - link
    Events announcement bar - Added updates side-bar and events calendar - link
    Auction column on homepage - link
    Mobile version of site - link
    Pay Rupees on the site - link
    Vote Bonus displayed on site - link
    Better EMC Auctions - link
    Empire Yearbook - link
    In-game Banned players having limited forum abilities - link
    Enabling and disabling shop signs from site - link
    Ability to save threads for viewing later - link
    Sound Cloud integration - link
    QuoteMe - link
    Searchable rupee history - link
    /p lookup on site - link
    Expanded highest posting members list - link
    Liking status comments - link
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