Already Suggested: Moderation

Aug 4, 2016
Already Suggested: Moderation

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Moderation Suggestions(top)

    Muting command for staff - link
    Rule book given to new players - link
    Username restrictions - link
    Forum moderators - link
    Vote to kick players - link
    Vote to mute players - link
    All staff having the same skin - link
    Show appeal info on ban screen - link
    Pre-Mod/Helper ranks
    Banned players' wills - link
    Anonymous Chat Mods - link
    Limit Religious names - link
    Moderator Queue - link
    /callmod instead of reporting greifs on site - link
    Chest Logs - link
    Share banned players' Rupees - link
    Mod of the month - link
    Remove banned messages from in-game - link
    Electing moderators - link
    Secret staff dummies - link
    Court house appeals - link
    Penance tasks for bans - link
    Show what staff banned the player with /p - link
    Official lost and found for player items - link
    Retired Staff special item - link
    Paying to be unbanned - link
    Residence Arrest punishment - link
    /modreq - Added /staff - link
    Unban yearly - Added option to allow old banned players to appeal - link
    Web based reports
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