Already Suggested: Miscellaneous

Mar 15, 2016
Already Suggested: Miscellaneous

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Disable Feature Suggestions(top)

    Block invisibility potions - link
    Remove iron golem spawning from Town - link
    Schematica ability Residences - link
    Remove Villager Mob Eggs - link
    Ban iron farms - link
    Disable potions of harming - animaldamage flag added - link

    Senior Staff Services Suggestions(top)

    Change residence order - link
    Remove bedrock - Priced at 10,000 per - link
    Creating complicated banners - link
    Repairing promos - link
    Paid Private Party - link
    Custom Map Images - link

    Miscellaneous Suggestions(top)

    Official Spleef arena - link
    Bring back AFK kicks - link
    Change the voting rewards
    EMC Olympics
    Toggle-able Chat alert sound
    EMC Mob Arena events - link
    EMC PvP Arena open 24/7 - link
    More voting reminders and perks - link
    Incentives for continuous voting - link
    EMC guide book for new players in-game - link
    Empire Contests - link
    Friends System - link
    Advertise on Voting sites to bring more players - link
    Gaming Community for Non-Minecraft - GameKrib - link
    In-game messages about updates - link
    Rewards for Community members - Community Appreciation Added - link
    Mob Arena Leaderboard - link
    Egged mobs keep their name - link
    Empire CRAFTA 2013 Awards - link
    /vote to get vote info - link
    Horse Commands and storing - added stables - link
    New tutorial - link
    Mod arena - Staff vs The World - link
    PvP 124 x 124 event residence - link
    Improve last seen message - link
    Clearer /ps interface - link
    Make villagers spawn as babies - link
    Double XP on special days - link
    Official EMC Texture Pack - link
    Book & Quill images - link
    Minecraft Xray iPhone app - link
    Have skin visible while wearing armor - link
    Verified alts - link
    Block Banner Copying - link
    Add brown to /color - link
    Adding last seen to player-side login message - link
    Be Staff For a Day Contest - link
    Make enchanting easier with a plug-in - link
    Block your server location on /p - link
    Modify villagers to lock trades (1.3) - link
    Summon Voters Gear Command - link
    Cross-server ender chests - link
    Controlled Mob Arenas/No Ghasts - link
    Prizes for being on the server for x amount of time - link
    Input chest signs - link
    More spaces per page in /Vault -link
    Empire Theatre Plays - link
    Edible dirt custom item - link
    Using chests to vote in polls - link
    Make EMC Open Source - link
    Multiplayer enderchests - link
    Official career jobs that give Rupees - link
    /Vault view - link
    Tracking items thrown into lava - link
    EMC Cape - link
    Ability to add enchants to other items not intended - link
    Time logged in in /p - link
    Display name when a placed head is looked at - link
    Soulbound enchantment books - link
    Enraged discs - link
    Group Vault - link
    Maxarian cocktail item - link
    /p for horses - link
    Disable viewing horse name tag through walls - link
    Vote to get your sign-in bonus - link
    Put villagers on a leash - link
    EMC Knighthoods - link
    /who include location - link
    /vote in-game - link
    Show how long you've been gone on log-in message - link
    No AFK Limit - link
    Giving derelict players Rupees to start again - link
    Enable fire charges - link
    Access to alt's enderchest - link
    Challenges - Partially added as token rewards for activities - link
    PvP Teleport Timer Changes - Partially modified to catch reloggers - link
    /ignore clear and /tempignore - partially added with ignore list update - link
    Empire Newspaper Books - Added monthly news on site - link
    Dropping item warning - added block for soulbound - link
    Player of the month - added Cmmunity Appreciation Awards - link
    Monthly Voters Block - added more Voting Contest Blocks - link
    Leaderboards at PvP - link
    Horses and Horse Arenas in PvP - link
    PvP Lucky Dip (Random Item Buy Chests) - link
    Vaulting Heads between Games Server and Regular server - link
    Shooting shiny arrows last - link
    Invisible potions that only make you invisible to mobs - link
    Books readable in chests - link
    Storing villager data - link
    Make stone slab 44:7 available with wand - link
    Staff livestream Dragon Tomb Arrival for Charity - link
    Nameplates for your group members persistent behind blocks - link
    Villager Activation Behavior Change - link
    Organized/Categorized PvP Events - Games Server - link
    Retain sheep color when egged- link
    Credits and Perks - link
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