Already Suggested: Economy

Jun 24, 2016
Already Suggested: Economy

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    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Economy Suggestions(top)

    Ability to add reason for /r pay - link
    Turning off shop notifications - link
    Increase referral bonus - link
    Trade Channel - added Economy Channel - link
    Peek Chests - Added Preview Signs - link
    Sorting rupee history - EMC Shopkeeper
    See other players' rupee balance - link
    Rupees having decimals - link
    Rupee limit at shops - link
    Detailed rupee report
    Door shops - link
    Use emeralds as Rupees - link
    Selling player experience points - link
    Average price graph - link
    Max shop sell price - link
    Banking License - link
    Sell items to /shop - link
    Empire Bank - link
    Buy items in the wild - link
    Shared Bank Accounts - link
    Tokens to apply soulbound/unbreakable - link
    List of current shops on each server - link
    Item prices listed on the forums (Left for players to do) - link
    Donation contracts - link
    Renting signs - link
    Lottery using Rupees from Vault use - link
    Auto-pay players per week/month/etc - link
    Increase drop rates from mobs to counteract economy shift from entity limit - link
    Command to assign percentage discounts to buyers - link
    Rupee history in-game - link
    Total Rupees in economy count - link
    Rupee bonus for high TEXP - link
    Including res number on rupee history - link
    Purchase mob spawners - link
    Loan system - link
    Sponges sold in /shop (before 1.8) - link
    Allow partial selling to a chest - link
    Group shops - link
    Command blocks in /shop - link
    Ability to purchase player Heads that have not logged into EMC - link
    Make reselling against the rules - link
    Staff-run villager trading center - link
    /r showing how long until next rupee bonus - link
    Earn Rupees with fishing - link
    Job listings in /shop - link
    Server Broadcast advertisements - link
    Free Vault - added timer - link
    Confirm shop transaction - Added to enchanted items and SLOT signs - link
    Selling books through chests - added SLOT signs - link
    New player rupee tutorial - added more descriptions to tutorial - link
    Donator buy signs - added buy/sell Flags - link
    100K Member item shops - link
    Edit signs
    Redstone pulse signs - link
    Timed gift signs
    Linking chests to shop signs far away - link
    Sharing Rupees with /share - link
    Remote shopping with Commands - link
    Automatic Shop adverts - link
    Donation shop signs - link
    Rupee vouchers - link
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