Already Suggested: Chat

Mar 9, 2017
Already Suggested: Chat

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Chat Suggestions(top)

    Chat filter - link
    Group Chat - link
    Leave individual channels - link
    Custom Away Messages - link
    Chat prefixes to indicate channel - link
    Automatically remove ALL CAPS - link
    PM Chat Alert - link
    Make Chat alert sounds optional - link
    Alerts with nicknames - link
    Tell Log - link
    Don't alert yourself in Chat - link
    Message staff on stage - link
    Economy Chat @e prefix - link
    Private /p shows Rupees balance
    Making players in different worlds be a different color in Chat - link
    Chat channel for well-known members - link
    S.o.S. Messages - link
    Remove 'No one is close enough to hear you' - link
    Ignore Word Command - link
    In-game messages for offline players -Mail system added - link
    Allow Chat to be turned off but still be able to receive PMs - Partially added with /Chat hide - link
    Cross-server Chat - link
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