1.6.2 Support and Horse Update

Jan 29, 2017
1.6.2 Support and Horse Update
  • The Horse Update was released on July 27th, 2013 in the same update that upgraded EMC's version to 1.6.2.

    Release Features(top)

    • Everything included in Vanilla 1.6 was now available on EMC.
    • Permission based horse taming.
    • Stables - an EMC exclusive feature to store horses.
    • New Flags.
    • Horse - Controls whether or not people can ride horses on your Residences.
    • AnimalDamage - Controls whether or not animals will take damage.
    • Eggify - Controls whether or not people can eggify animals.
    • The build flag was updated so that it is required to use nametags on animals.
    • Stable Vouchers were added.
    • Vault Vouchers were updated to have an automated redeem system.
    • Eggification was altered to save horse stats when they are Eggified.
    • Three promo horses were released (Incitatus, Saltar, and Valens).
    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.

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