Zombie spawner for sale.

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  1. dont sell it for 5k, no one will buy it, make the price something like 2k because zombie spawner's are very common
  2. Not going to say publiclily because I'm not a supporter and anyone can see me on the live map.
    Lowered price to 2k
  3. What about distance from spawn?
  4. About 1,500 blocks from spawn.
  5. If it isn't on smp4 could you show me where it is? I suck at cartography. If so I'll buy as soon as I get home.
  6. Yes I can show I'll message the details of what server and when I'll be on.
  7. K, it'll be at least an hour till I can get home tho.
  8. Good idea :)
  9. Ill buy it now for 5k
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