Zombie glitch

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  1. Me and suriyakeng were out in wild and he said he had found a glitched Zombie he had it follow him and the started going ham on him and me I got a pic of my screen using my phone ( my screen shots don't save )
    It dropped a zombie head that I am selling pm ur offer I renamed it " ultra rare double zombie head"
    Idk if this happend before but it's really cool I hope u like the pic but srry for bad resolution

  2. Interesting.... someone should turn this into a mini boss of some type.
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  3. This just means there was a zombie head on the ground and a baby zombie picked it up. Yes, it looks great. :p
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  4. Lol there was no zombie head on the ground that I am awear of and mobs can't pick up heads of ther same kind so it had to spawn like this
  5. They can :)
    If there is any "wearable" item on the ground (heads, armour etc.), theres a chance for zombies or skeletons to pick them up.
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  6. Well ok but I think it's really cool that this happend so yeah plz leave a like for a once and a life time pic
    It was a baby zombie too so yeah
  7. That looks so cool :p
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