Zombie despawning feasco!

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Spyrovsgnorg, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. hey guys I was in the wild today at my base right? well I went afk for 5 mins to answer my door and then bam I come back im Dead! I had forgotten to set my spawn and I come back a zombie has my full diamond prot 4 unbreaking 3 and my god sword so... what do I do I go make a diamond sword I come back and the zombie has despawned! well here's what makes me confused is that I have had a zombie with a iron sword in a cage f0r about 4 months and well 5 mins a full diamond zombie is gone? can someone tell me whats up with this craziness. thank you -sincerely your friend spyrovsgnorg
  2. bump someone help me D: tell me whats wrong
  3. Well... He's a zombie. What did you expect him to do?

    I have a similar story. There was a period when items weren't despawning right. I was near a skeleton grinder with thousands of Arrows on the ground when it got so laggy I could hardly move. I was trying to get away down a tunnel when an enraged zombie attacked me. I was dead before I knew what was happening. When I came back all my stuff was gone. A full set of armor and pick set plus whatever I was carrying around.

    Maybe he thought it smelled like brains and ate it all. Maybe he's still moaning and shuffling around down there with my stuff.
  4. den y did i have a zombie with a iron sword not despawn yet?
  5. Maybe he's waiting for you to drop something that would be a little more painful to lose.

    There is probably an explanation for it. I have never seen a spawned mob that is wearing or holding an item drop what it had unless I killed it and never when it despawned. A suspicion I have is that Aikar has intentionally made it so that when they despawn they cannot drop the items they are wearing or holding including items dropped by players in order to keep people from getting items at grinders more often than they do already.

    This doesn't explain how I lost an inventory of items including a set of armor and tools to an enraged zombie who was not supposed to despawn, but then with all the entities in the area I wouldn't expect things to work normally. The server was probably trying to clean things up and my stuff was as good as all those arrows to it. Another idea is that the item despawn timer may never be reset once he despawns and drops the items. It was easier to accept it and move on.