Youth Group Game Suggestions, Please

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  1. I would like some new ideas that I may present to my youth group for games because more variety than scatterball, dodgeball (regular, kingpin, and jailbreak versions), spud, and monkeyball would be greatly appreciated. If you have any suggestions, please post them below. I have a few limitations.
    1. The games must be playable by a group of about 10 to 15 people.
    2. The games should be playable without any additional items besides us and dodgeballs. (If you have games that don't work with this rule, feel free to post them, anyway.
    3. The games can be playable inside or outside, but inside is preferred.
  2. A stupid little game my youth group and i used to play was called "Big Booty"

    Here is how you play:

    Have everyone sit in a circle, and establish one player to be the "booty", and start numbering off the person to the booty's right. The person sitting to the right of the booty is one, the next is two, and so on until the person to the booty's left is the last number.

    Have everyone began patting their lap in a 4/4 rhythm, and have everyone chant/sing to the rhythm the words:

    "Big booty, big booty big booty. Ah yea! Big booty" If your not sure what a 4/4 rhythm is, here is an example of how it would sound (From a text base version):

    Big booty
    Big booty
    Big booty
    Ah yea
    Big booty

    Everytime a word in red is sung/chanted, that moment is also when your hands should hit your lap.

    After that, the booty, still in 4/4 rhythm, will say, "Booty to the (Random number)" The person who has that number, must respond with, IN RHYTHM, "(Number) to the (Number)" NOTE: At any time can a number pass back to the "Booty"

    Using the same visual text as before, he is how it would sound, the red being when you say the word AND pat your lap at the same time.

    Booty to the 3
    3 to the 9
    9 to the 1
    1 to the booty

    If at any point someone:

    -Responds out of rhythm (Says too fast or too slow)
    -Says a number that no one has (If last number is 15 and person says 20, they failed)
    -Says their own number

    Then they become the last number, and everyone BEHIND the number the person just had moves up.

    For example: If a group of 20 are playing, and number 10 messes up, then number 10 becomes number 20, 11 becomes 10, 12 becomes 11, and so on. Hope this wasn't too confusing xD
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  4. This is pretty much animal concentration, but with rhythm and less action-making.
  5. Our gym isn't big enough to play a real game of sharks and minnows with our age group. The group is junior high and high school ages and the adults join in.

    I'll check out the other links.