Your Worst Death?

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How did your worst death happen?

Lava 21 vote(s) 33.9%
Killed in pvp 6 vote(s) 9.7%
Void fall 4 vote(s) 6.5%
Fell off large cliff 4 vote(s) 6.5%
Killed by mob 10 vote(s) 16.1%
Something else 17 vote(s) 27.4%
  1. I'm sure we have all died in Minecraft at least a handfull of times. So, what is the worst death you have ever had? Tell how you died and what you lost.
    Mine is a blaze shot me off a narrow walkway in the nether (into lava) and i lost diamond tools, blaze rods, diamond armor, etc.
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  2. Mine was lava. Digging a tunnel and found some lava and redstone. Blocked it off and carried on, but on the way back I saw the redstone and thought I had forgotten it. Mined the block and then somehow glitched forward in to the lava. Lost a whole inventory of ores and enchanted stuff. I ragequitted for a bit then :p
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  3. After a long glowstone run. I was trying to make it back to my portal. I knew where is was but forgot how to get there. So i came accross a huge lava pool that i had to get over. I used nether rack and held shift to make a little bridge as i went along.

    3 hour trip
    12+ stacks of glowstone.
    Silk touch/eff IV pick
    Full diamond armor with 2 pcs fire protection
    ~32 diamonds (always carry those)
    Random chanted sword but forgot what

    All burned.

    Half way accross a fireball came outta no where and blew me right into the lava.

    I havent went back to the nether for supplies since.
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  4. My worst death was when some random guy in a h3rOb1n3 skin dumped lava from the top of a ravine.
  5. exploding bed after pigman attacked me i forgot bout exploding beds
    i was stupid
  6. I was in the nether and i was making a trip to my friends grinder. His grinder is about a 4 hour walk in the nether.

    I had Enchanted Diamond Armor
    Enchanted Bows and Weapons
    Stack of diamonds
    Alot of Food
    And some other stuff

    As i was about 1k blocks away from my goal i threw an enderpearl to cross a lava pool.
    But when i reached the other side my mouse glitched and i threw enderpearls rapidly loosing all my hearts causing me to die -.-
  7. when you have a completely full inventory and a out of no where a spider just attacks you, you get pushed right into lava -.-
    or, when you are minding your own business and mining and then with no warning BOOM .... death...... #*&^%&&% creeper.
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  8. "Oh I think I'll mine this tunnel!" *Crashes, Logs in and promptly crashes again. Logs back in, It's raining sideways. Me: "What the fudge?"
    I then turn right side up and start suffocating in all the stone I had just removed but had magically came back. Lost everything.
  9. Panda can back up here, just being Dwight5273 I die in most awkward times or if two walk on narrow path and then I walk through the path I will find tr griefer hole :( so much bad luck lol owell :)
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  10. One time I was caving under a ocean and decided to leave and go back to town well I was leaveing by swimming from the bottom of the acean up and could'nt make it did full diamond enchanted a stack and half of diamonds tons of iron and other stuff all lost in the middle of ocean. ):
  11. *sigh* I remember that cliff.....
  12. I just went with lots of stuf from my res to the LLO. Diamonds, redstone, good tools, glowstone and other nice goodies. Fell into a small pit in some winter biome on the way during heavy snow. Creeper expected me and my armor was not it in the best condition. After a hug I woke up at my bed in LLO. Went back buch the stuff already despawned.
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  13. Just happened a few days ago.

    Moved out to the wild, went into town for materials. Happily bouncing back out with a full inventory and out of nowhere I found a hole. Tumbled, tumbled, tumbled, landed in lava = instant death and BBQ'd inventory. I lost quite a bit, nothing too horrible but it did include

    2 stacks of Glowstone
    2 stacks of Obsidian
    4 stacks of Iron
    3 new Diamond Swords
    1 new Diamond Pick
    Full Set of Diamond Armor (almost new)

    Respawned in town. Refilled my inventory, headed back into the wild, not quite as happily this time. Found the hole I died in and let's just say that LAG + Skellie = Another tumble into the same ^$&# hole and another BBQ party. :mad:

    3rd time out...made it safely. Ran from mobs, ran almost the entire way. Haven't been back to town since :)
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  14. I was working on a grinder, accidentally fell into the conveyor-belt-thingy and fell into where all the mobs were. I died in a few seconds, losing all my diamond armour, my enchanted tools, lots of ores (silk touch) and various other things. ): Lol though. :D
  15. I have been in EMC to experience brutality... I was killed in a PvP, I can still remember his dreaded name... BarryBallBag... I would never forget that name, he took all my inventory and when he died because of his clumsiness (he was mainly using flint and steel to kill me) he dropped his items while I extinguished the flames I had nothing left of my inventory. I vow to enforce the rules in EMC from then on.

    When I returned to town a gorgeous hot purple ranked administrator saved me! He goes by the name JustinGuy, when I asked him someone stole my stuff, he said "mkay" and started a special operation to stalk this person named BarryBallBag. He was caught by this gorgeous hot purple ranked administrator and banned him. And happily ever after the end.
  16. I was just about to finish my house (I needed 5 cobblestone), I was going to the wild and I was dodging holes, then all I see is stone and a red screen saying you died. I LOST MY DIAMOND TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(
  17. I have had that happen to me,

    But my worse was I poured water over a lava lake, sprinted forward, and there it was, a single blow that was lava( with no light source coming off of it) and I fell in it. I had silk touch, and Fort 3 eff 4 Unbreaking 3 pick, 20 diamond ores...

    I just left for a long time...
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  18. My worst death was by getting killed by the live map on Map 4. I was underwater trying to get back to civilization when I was underwater and then the live map was asking if I wanted to execute the script. I drowned because it wouldn't shut up despite me saying no. I drowned. And lost lots of rarities. I ragequited for a few hours. I was kinda glad though, because I've been going at that for about 1.5 days.
  19. Darn it lava! Ok so here is the story: Once upon a time, Redwing2000 and his friend, Alexzur10 (have no idea what happened to that guy) went out mining! They went deep in the heart of the cave where they found Diamonds! Across a lake of lava. While trying to formulate a plan, Redwing2000 was knocked back by a Creeper (who had a very bad temper). Redwing had 1 1/2 hearts left and was eating to save his life. When Red's Back was turned, a zombie and a spider got the idea of pushing Red into a pool of lava! Right when red was about to mine the diamonds happily, the zombie and spider ambush from nowhere and suddenly Redwing gets knocked back into the lava. The zombie and the spider then walk away. Holding a stack of diamonds, full set diamond enchanted armor, 6 stacks of melon, eff V unb III fortune III pick, Redwing will never again respect zombies and spiders again.
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  20. SMP7. Full diamond armor 3 enchanted. Feather Falling. Fire Protection Respiration.
    1 Stack of Diamonds. 3 Stacks of Iron. 32 Gold Ore.
    Many enchanted tools. Took me 750 XP for all the tools enchanted.
    Walking back from very long but successful mining trip.
    Walking back to Spawn. Almost 1k blocks away. I start sprinting.
    Guess what? Keyboard decides it hates me and glitches sprint RIGHT over an endless pit to Bedrock.
    Worse thing was, there was lava near so I had to see my items burn right in front of me.
    R U SERIOUS.jpg <------- My expression for 10 seconds.

    Facepalm.jpg <------ What I did for the remaining 50 seconds.