Your Minecraft Addiction

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  1. I just found out about adfly. That was my first ever link.
  2. I would stay away from it, I've heard that the ads can have malware, they aren't controlled.
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  3. I've also heard that.
  4. Mine would probably be golden pants..
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  5. Pumpkin pie. I have stacks of it..
  6. Anything mined from the earth, I hoard it all.
  7. Get scared often?
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  9. Golden?
  10. I know Ob1bob69's addiction is Diamonds, he has I think 27 stacks of blocks.
  11. Exploration, colonizing, making golden apples the old fashioned way.
  12. Well... pie.
    Nuff' said.
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  13. Minecraft "Butter"
  14. woot, golden apples!!!!! :3
  15. Enchanting <3
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  16. Cakes. I have made over 400 and more that 300 of them are on my res at this very second. 1000 here I come! NOTE: Cakes are not stackable and neither is milk. You have to craft them
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