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  1. Hey, I'm Dococo.
    I've had Minecraft for quite awhile but haven't played much in a long time, nor have I ever tried out a multiplayer server. But I figure having people to interact with while I play could improve the experience, so here I am.
  2. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your stay here. EmpireMinecraft is a great social experience for Minecraft players. Might I ask how you heard of us?
  3. A friend of mine mentioned you guys awhile back and the name just popped up in my head as I was smelting some bars lol. So I did some googling.
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  5. Well tell your friend thank you, because he recommended you to the best ;).
  6. I've found that I can't much enjoy Minecraft without the EMC community anymore. Single player just doesn't do it. When I play it's 50/50 for the community we have and actually building things.
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  7. I hope I can get into the community at that level, as much fun as exploring caves is, it would be more fun to be able to brag about the diamonds I just found.
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  8. Will do :p Unfortunately I forgot his username so I couldn't put him as a reference when I registered.
  9. Yes bragging about the diamonds.. thats true minecraft right there.
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  10. That friend was ME! Hi! Glad you're checking it out. What server did you claim a residence on?