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What do think of XBLA?

Yes I have a Xbox so it sounds awesome!!!!! 11 vote(s) 84.6%
Aww fuey I think It should only stay on PC! 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. Ok people who is excited for XBLA minecraft I know I am and it sounds like its coming out at the end of this month March.If you know anything cool about XBLA version of Minecraft please reply.;)
  2. Eventual inter-connectivity with the PC version's servers.
    Turns out they don't intend to do so anymore. :(
    Also up to 8 player co-op and 4 player split-screen same television. :)
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  3. FTW this is gonna be awesome!
  4. Have they actually said that or confirmed it? All reports I've seen have said things like, "We'd LIKE to do this but... insert reasons why it probably won't."
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  5. I would place on bet on it never happening. It would remove the freedom to update the game as they see fit.
  6. yeah i think its a good idea (because my birthday is in march LoL) because then more people will buy it and NOTCH will become more rich and more people will play on this server (maybe)

    (sorry for all the and's)
    yours sincerely
    claytonmeercat :p LoLZIES!
  7. I actually read an interview with Notch in GI this month. He mentioned the updating process for XBLA will be an entirely different experience and update system than the PC. Like, they're going to add XBLA only updates that fits more with the console/controller style that wouldn't be compatible with the PC.
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  8. awww that's cheesy
  9. WTB Wii Minecraft :-D
  10. NO!!!!
  11. But it would be *awesome*. You could use the wii-mote for digging, mining, chopping, fighting......

    Oh wait. It'd probably kill me.... :eek:
  12. Um no the Xbox version is gonna have kinect capabilities in the near future.:D And yes it has been conformed.
  13. That would work WORSE then with a Wii remote. I vote Wii.
  14. NO!!!Kinect is way better than holding a remote.
  15. I must agree, Wii remotes can be dangerous.
    For example, playing tennis with cousins, *whacks one in head*
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  16. I see you cant even stay on topic...
  17. Yeah i used to have wii then my youngest son accidentally threw the remote at the 55 in TV.after that the wii was gone
  18. What are you even talking about?!:mad:
  19. Yes that achievement seems cheesy gamekirb