Wow... the things that are possible with Minecraft...

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  1. I just bumped into this whilst looking for/watching tutorials on boats and water (it turns out I need to acquire some expertise on those things).

    It has nothing to do with boats or water... it just struck me as fantastic creativity and genius.

    If there were no mean people in the world, we could have a wilderness full of things like this. Oh well, we can have a town full of stuff like this... just a little smaller scale. :)
  2. Okay, it worked right now. :p It's really cool! :)
  3. Wow this is awesome :) :)
  4. you should see the other things FVDisco has made......
  5. I've seen that! It's amazing... reminds me of that buddha statue carved into the cliff... (Pic here)
  6. I saw this earlier today. Amazing stuff!
  7. I saw that while watching Gamechap and Bertie. I thought it was truly magical to look at.
  8. boomshakala
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  9. I've seen tons of videos like this and this one was just as amazing as all the other ones I've seen:)
  10. If I could afford it and knew how they built it :) I would make one ^_^
  11. I tried to play this map on the default texture pack...lagged to nothing. You guys should see the other stuff FVdisco has made. All that redstone he uses is too much for my brain to compute..
  12. Im up doing the redstone part :D
  13. Redstone confuses me....
  14. #Amazing! :)
    I love it. :D
  15. :eek:!!!! Redstone is my life!!!
  16. you ruined your post count!!!!

    1338... less impressive...
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