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  1. I just might have broke my toe on a shake weight!Fail
  2. Shake weight. Lol :)
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  3. Every time I hear about a shake weight, I think about an episode of South Park...
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  4. Lol. EPIC FAIL!
  5. I know how you feel bro....sadly..... stupid butterfingers....
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  6. I thought of an SNL skit.
  7. i once broke my toes on a bottle of ketchup :)
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  8. I ran into a door. Then broke my toe. Lol
  9. HAHAHHA! Nice one:)

    Oh... P.S. PM me!(;
  10. i dont get why did my brother leave a shake weight newxt to my computer chair so when i got up i smash my toe on it WHY!