Would some of the staff want to do an AMA on Reddit?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. I feel like a Reddit AMA would be great for EMC, it would give us some more exposure and it would allow the community to interact with the staff. I would suggest talking to the /r/IAMA mods first, or you could even do it on /r/minecraft
  2. Reddit brings a lot of trolls to the Empire, but we can discuss this.
  3. I barely pay attention to Reddit but two things I know about its a troll breeding ground and better than tumblr.
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  4. Lots of the troll comments are removed fairly fast on the more "serious" subreddits, but I guess we would still get trolls on the servers. Also, the extreme parts of Tumblr are currently "raiding" 4chan which is going just as well as you would expect it to.
  5. Lol tumblr raiding 4chan that's like a puppy trying to pick a fight with a running chainsaw. Been on 4chan once and never been back again.
  6. The Empire needs more players. I haven't seen very many new faces who stick around for more than a day and the 'good' members Reddit could reel in would be worth the while, I think.
  7. Like I said, we will discuss it. I didn't turn it down completely. Aikar has the numbers of what was really helpful and what wasnt.
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