worst multiplayer death

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  1. ok her you post you worst multi player death
    here is mine i was walking and then i fell into a trap so i say on chat come help this guy comes and says give me your stuff he takes it then kills me with lava

    my next one is simple i was on pvp trusted someone he killed me
  2. I was running away from a creeper I was nearly back at in the
    Protected spawn area when I fell down into a big hole and died, tough after the creeper came down and was just walking about I front of me mocking me with its in your face grin
  3. I died...

    ...with a level 50/Fortune 3, Unbreak 3, Efficiency 3 pickaxe.
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  4. I typed /killstreak and died
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  5. I ran from a creeper and got sniped by a skeleton, which knocked me off a cliff into lava!:(
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  6. pre vaulted experience, i was running for one of my nether portals after reaching lvl.46 and as i jumped onto the portal i got creepered from in front and behind :(
  7. Found a motherlode of diamonds. Player 2 comes up behind me with TNT. I think it's creePer and run away. Player 2 gets diamonds. I am running away so fast I fall into a lava pit. Darn.
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  8. hey, what rahhh creeper * confused face*
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  9. I died trying to make an xp grinder....
    ...I camed back for my stuff, guess what....
    ...I died again from those spiders....
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  10. I was walking. I saw lava, I was like ok I can do this. So I found a path that would lead me around the lava. Did I mention that I was in a cave? What I didnt see was that the path cut off at one block away from the other side. I fell in the lava and went like how the and died. I died with 10 diamonds, 2 diamond picks, food, and a workbench
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  11. [Sneak]
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  12. Forgot to do that
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  13. ok so i had JUST gotten minecraft, and had it for a week and tried multiplayer. to what i did was i joined what i thought was a normal server, and it was actually an anarchy server. i was being killed left and right at spawn from PVP, then finally once i escaped because i spawned on the spawn roof for some reason. then i decided to do the usual, find a tree. it was a fairly pristine landscape, so i found a tree and cut it down, made a workbench and set it down. then a player came up and grew a tree under me and suffocated me. being depressed because i didnt know that could happen and thought that herobrine was after me, i spawned back at spawn and was trapped in a bedrock room. i tried leaving but they somehow got a lock on my IP or something and i couldnt. luckily the server was only on from 2 PM to 5 PM for some reason so i left and never went back, partly because i forgot the IP...
  14. my lesson for pvp don't die
  15. I killed myself jumping off of what I'd call the Minecraft edition of Mt. Everest. Dropped 200 feet and barely missed water.
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  16. Lol
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  17. Today traveled and gathered so many diamonds... i run back to spawn an unfriendly surprise named ravine i fell into it died come back stuffs gone
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