[WORLD RECORD] Longest Distance Travelled In EMC History

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  1. This is just freaking wrong... I approve!
  2. We don't know where you started...

    Melegitislegit walked from outpost to outpost a while back.
  3. way tooooooooo much sparetime ..
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  4. Congrats 10,000.... he walked 20x that?
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  6. I've done more.
  7. Now for the walk back...
  8. Nah, to some people minecraft is their life.

    Really 10,000 or simply photoshoped image :p
  9. All four, actually. Also, where did he start?
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  10. Please don"t brag about your grandmother here.
  11. Grandmother?
  12. I mean who else would say "I've done more."
  13. I don't understand what you're trying to mean :s
  14. Please, don't brag. You don't know how others (Like Jayjay) feels when you say "I've done more", when he achieved something.
  15. Isn't he bragging by just saying He has ACHIEVED THE WORLD RECORD OF THE LONGEST DISTANCE RAN?

    And I will stop posting replies to this thread.
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  16. He is just a kid, and supposedly you are older then him, you suppose to you more understanding. Or are you faking your age? Mr who plays pokemon.
  17. you called? :p im joking i stopped a long time ago.
  18. No, I'm 15 years old which I got on May 10th 1997.
    What is your problem with pokemon?
  19. Don't insult other players and don't talk about inappropriate topics.
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