Woes of the nether.

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  1. Whats worst then going into the nether and seeing a ghast outside your portal? Seeing an entire FLOCK!
    So, I went into the nether to get stuff from my farm to bring to the overworld, when I saw a ghast. I opened fire and disabled my portal. It was soon joined by two more of its kind, so I abandoned my familiar area and ran off. I then came to a wide open area, with a little under a dozen of them floating around. I had my bow and 10 arrows to help me out, taking a few down before running out of ammo. So I continued fleeing, taking some glowstone with me along the way. I was searching for sort of smelting fuel, as I had a single piece of iron ore on me and 2 peces of flint. I intended to craft a flint and steel. I soon came to another open area. Where a large fight left me near dead a few times. I also found out that ghasts are able to harm each another. With no luck finding any fuel, I made a small cobble shelter and remembered a how to make fire charges.
    I pulled up the Live Map and located myself and saw I was not too far from my blaze farm. I made a mad dash, collecting a few left over ghast tears. When I got to the fort, I found a single blaze by its spawner. Luckily it dropped a rod, so I made another dash, past my deactivated portal and into my soon-to-be abandoned nether wart farm. I made it into the storage room where I had a crafting table, and made six precious charges. When I got out to use them, I got the message they were disabled. My hope briefly dropped, until I reminded myself that lava buckets are a fuel, with a horde of ghast and pigmen coming, I ran into the farm and collected a block, and held a few attackers off while it smelted. When it was done and the closest offenders had died, I reactivated my portal. And got in just in time to warp just before a ghast projectile reached me. The end, I have heard about this happening to others as well.
  2. I am going to write a book based of that rather epic event.
  3. Whats worse than that? Someone sneaking up behind you with a bed, and then sleeping..
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  4. Wall of text, much? Consider writing shorter paragraphs, it makes things a lot easier to read.
  5. To be fair, this is a Minecraft Forum, not an English Language exam :p

    I can understand finding absolutely terrible grammar hard to read, but writing in long paragraphs is a relatively minor offence, in my opinion, haha.

    Edit: But I rather enjoyed reading your story, DaJoKoe :)
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  6. Blaze rods are fuel.