Wither Hunting

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  1. Hi, I am AmusedStew of smp5. I would like to gather a small team of like 4-5 players to go out in the nether and kill some withers. Here are things you must have to join:
    1. A set of diamond armor.
    2. A loothing 3 sword
    3. Patience
    4. Potions (health, and fire resist)
    5. FOOD

    Please use this format if you want in:
    Why u wanna be a wither hunter?
    Home Server?
    Are mobs an easy challenge for you?
  2. Your asking some personal stuff with age
  3. I want cuz I want the skulls. I wont tell u my age. Smp3
  4. Do you mean wither skeletons?
  5. Most 49 year olds aren't as sensitive about their age as you seem to be. Sure you can keep up, old man?
  6. Oh well, i want te nether star!
  7. erm..... anything to do with withers lol, you guys can leave out age, ill edit it :p
  8. You said nether, so I guess that means you're going to kill some wither skeletons
  9. Yah, i should have been in context much more
  10. I want to join that team
  11. Alright general and facu, our first hunt will be on smp5, either friday night, or any weekend day.
  12. Why we dont use skype for this hunting adventures
  13. Ok, you can add me on skype: AmusedStew
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  14. my is felino_amarilla, ad me please
  15. Hi Mariano! Are u from AsunciĆ³n? I am from buenos aires
  16. Where is tallahassee?
  17. What is your skype facu. And viva albiroja
  18. tallahassee is in the U.S. in Florida.
  19. No tengo skype.