wither boss

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  1. my wither boss it's dispawn please give me my wither skulls and my diamond stuff
  2. Don't ask for your items back. Would a mod please close this?
  3. You spawned it in town? That's you're problem, the staff cant fix that.
  4. How did it despawn and how did you lose your diamond stuff?
  5. Withers can't despawn. They can just fly away.

    Also, a wither despawning doesn't make you lose diamond stuff in the slightest. Only death would cause such a thing, which items are not refunded for. In fact, items are generally not refunded by the staff at all.
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  6. about 3 hours ago
    wilderness:-170,48,-647 - barney0110 was doomed to fall by Wither
    You were killed by the wither and it despawned when you died because no one was in the area. The items are lost forever sorry for lost.