[WIP] Looking-For-A-Name-Tower!

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  1. Looking for a name! Looking-For-A-Name-Tower isn't very good, is it? :p

    Located at 8558 if you want to take a look!

    In the really short time I've been on empire, I've devoted most, if not all, of my time towards my res- a huge tower, which currently is 64 blocks tall, and I'm planning on raising to the height limit. It will be surrounded by spirals of quartz and nether brick.

    Progress stuffs:

    First update, Sunday, June 16



    And this is what the final product should look like (kinda...)

    Rough floor plan-- I will include a spiral staircase in the middle.

    Spirals, I got lazy and didn't finish them in my CSP world.

    So, what will this tower's purpose be? I'll be placing the head of player skins inside of it, on the four walls (then again, this is a circular tower... :p). These player skins will be of the friends that I made/make through emc.

    Lastly, there I have to say that, while I may be able to finish this without any external help, it would take considerably longer than it would with donations. While I hope I'm not sounding desperate, I think it should be noted that there is quite a lot of quartz and nether brick going into this. If you'd like to donate, please send me a PM. Thanks!

    Also open to suggestions on the build.
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  2. Make a creeper statue next to it.
  3. Because of you putting statues of your friends in it, how about the friendship tower?
  4. The tower of wubs.
  5. Maybe, I actually considered this, but it was a bit corny (hope I can say that without seeming too childish) :p

    I don't know if I'd be able to fit that in, and what relation would it have to the rest of the build?

    While I do like dubstep and that song is quite nice... no. Unless I manage to fit in a stereo system :p
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