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  1. If i build something in the wild, will lightning catch it on fire? Does it lightning in snow and desert bioms?
  2. It could get caught on fire by lightning but, it won't if you make it in a ice or dessert biome since it doesn't rain there.
  3. Firespread is turned off I thought.
  4. Will wood stairs catch on fire?
    Will lightning strike and catch the building sides on fire?
    Or does lightning strike straight down?

    I don't want to build something in the wild and have to worry about it being burned down.
  5. All types of wood can burn, you would have to make a roof over it.
  6. I have crazy lightning storms and none of my wooden structures have ever caught on fire
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  7. I'm pretty sure if you build in the wild lightning isn't your biggest concern.
  8. Firespread is on, but wood planks have the aspect of stone :)
  9. The greatest chance for having lightning burn down your wooden/woolen home is if you are in a desert/arctic biome right next to a biome that has lighting. The lighting will strike your home, but because there is no rain, it will not be put out automatically. My wool roof in the LLO Jungle has stood for over 10 months now, and I think it is because the rain puts it out when it gets struck by lighting.
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  10. Not anymore, was fixed in 1.3.1 :).
  11. Lightning can definitely burn down houses, though it normally only happens in Deserts.

    Wilderness Spawn can attest to that.
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