Why Rocksteady Why?!!

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  1. So Rocksteady just said that their next "Batman" game will be based on the silver age 50s Batman, will include members of the Justice League, and feature a non-Mark Hamill voice acted Joker. No amount of facepalming can come close to describing this.
  2. Epic Failure :(
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  3. They haven't officially announced that Mark Hamill won't voice The Joker, but he was pretty clear that he won't be doing The Joker again.
  4. Well he is 60 years old. Maybe his voice finally broke.
  5. Hamill said that he was waiting for the right time to quit. If you have seen the ending to Batman: Arkham City you will know why he quit when he did. I think that Rocksteady should move on and use another villain though.

    Also does anyone know who is going to be The Joker's voice now?
  6. Not sure, I know John DiMaggio (Bender, Jake The Dog, Shnitzel, Wakka, Kimari Ronso) played him in Batman: Under the Red Hood
  7. Big shoes to fill.
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  8. And don't forget about Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson. Their versions were campy and probably more based in humor than the violence & insanity but they laid the groundwork for the Joker