Why is there war in the world?

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  1. So I am making this thread, to talk about a very important topic that affects all of us.

    So I wanted to see what do the community think about war in general.

    Remember this thread is only to discuss about wars, mainly their consequences, and wha was the intension to make them.

    Please be respectfull, and do not judge others comments, we are a community to dicuss and maybe understand why we suffer so many wars during such a little period of years.
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  2. respect, hate, power, money.
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  3. So true in just 4 words.
  4. All men are different. Because of these differences we have conflict. Some people have difficulty respecting fact that others are unique and feel the need to kill because of it. Another large contributing factor is self-defense, countries go to war to protect their citizens and ensure peace within the country. Conflict is inevitable, and death is unavoidable, but war can be prevented if we learn to work together.
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  5. TigerstarMC mentioned the most of it already but there's one issue I'd also like to address, although this might be a little controversial. To an extend it's also covered in Tiger's "problematic 4", still...


    The number of people who have been killed in name of some deity are endless. And in my opinion this is quite frightening. SO far its safe to say that almost every religion (though I'm not too sure about Buddhism) has suffered from this, to a certain extend. However, the Christian and Muslim ideals are mostly involved. Christianity has its "Holy Wars" in the "Holy Lands" which more or less directly opposed plenty of people who followed the Muslim faith. To some extend one could even argue that this war still rages on.

    Then we have issues within the Christian faith itself; the endless bickering between Catholics and Protestants. Don't think that the pretty harmless teachings of Luther didn't come without a hefty price. Even in modern times. Just take a look at Ireland and some of the major conflicts which happen(ed) there; right up to harming and killing children (allegedly by accident, but still!) and all in the name of the "savior". Pardon me for being quite skeptical when I say that, though I obviously don't mean any disrespect towards those who simply practice their religion without all this nonsense.

    I don't think I have to even bother commenting further on the extremes happening within the Muslim religion, even at this day and age as we speak.

    But having witnessed, somewhat experienced and seen all that.. It is for a well reason why I personally believe that religion itself is (or is very close to) the root of all evil. Even though I realize like no other that this opinion may be a little controversial. Do note that I'm not saying that religion itself is evil per definition or that people who follow or practice a certain religion are all potential murderers or something. Absolutely not. But the amounts of people who got killed (and are still getting killed!) over religious disputes are endless. To such extremes that I do often question religion as whole in itself.

    Also: of course, in the end its not the religion but the people within the religion which make these decisions and act upon it. Still, this is my opinion on the matter.
  6. +1, religion is also a factor of wars.
  7. It's just general human nature, as far as I am aware, to have disagreements and arguments and to be greedy etc. Obviously some people will take things further than others, especially if they have the capability to do so.
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  8. One reason and one reason only: greed.

    The illusion of scarcity is forced upon us by those that wish to control others. Their wars are for resources used in this gambit. Religion is just a sociopsychological way of inspiring the demonization of others. All the fear expressed on this thread is engineered. There is no reason to fear ideas, religion. We have very effective means of neutralizing mentally ill peoples that lack compassion and would commit heionous acts upon humanity. That trait however is cultivated as it is useful.

    If everyone in the world realized that there is enough energy, food and water to feed well over triple the worlds population then wars would cease. We have the technology to do so tomorrow but people believe that there is scarcity. That there isn't enough electricity or enough oil or enough water or enough food. Our ideas about how the world work, or the commonly accepted ideas are false narratives that keep us poor and enslaved to one family that controls almost everything that we know of.

    Every single president that the US has ever had save for one, comes from the same bloodline as the British royal family. Half of our current Congress as well. Its not just the US and britian either. These bloodlines and their influence stretches the world over.

    You can watch comedy central make fun of the fact that people believe in the matrix presented to them when they show hundreds of news casters from all over the world give word for word the same exact speeches. You van watch PRIME MINISTERS from around the world do exactly the same thing.

    This global control by this one family only needs one brick pulled out from under it to crumble: the illusion of scarcity
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  9. I do not believe greed is the only reason for war. It's religion, western involvement and lots of other influences. The problem with our western ideologies is that they don't apply well in less 'civilised' areas of the world. We try to give democracy and freedom, however it is misused. Another thing is that in the eastern part of the world dictators keep everything in order and separate. Yes they do it in cruel and unjust ways, but separate and fine. However, like in the video below, when America got involved trying to stop terrorists, they started more terrorists by allowing other groups of people to get involved. In a normal situation the other groups were being controlled by the dictator.

    Here is an amazing video about war and it today in our modern world.
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  10. Which plays right into demonization of other men and women. No group of peoples, regardless of what label you try and use to group them together are less of men and woman, less civilized, less intelligent, less capable of compassion and the want for happiness. Splitting people into groups whether its imaginary lines drawn on a map, by labeling their beliefs as a religion or by their history or custom makes them less human or civilized. All people deserve to have and to be happy. All idealogies are capable of existing in our world except those of fear, hate and greed. The "western world" and the countries that most of us live in whether it be in Europe, the Americas, Asia or Australia are all home to hundreds of millions of individuals all with different beliefs, habits, and customs. Coexisting as we can anywhere on this planet. Grouping people in the hope to demonize them or in any way downplay them is systemic fear and nothing more. The people in the middle east and African countries are just as human and just as capable as anyone else, intellectually and emotionally. When subjected to slavery and terrorism whether it be freedom fighters or empire fighters will lash out at their oppressors. That doesn't make then sub human, if anything it is indicative of their humanity and will to live. Rebellion against tyranny is something that is inate in our nature as beings that seek happiness and community. ,
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  11. I believe it has a lot to do with education. When people, most notably those in developing countries, fail to receive an actual education, they are much more willing to follow the loudest voice or the biggest person with much less focus on whether what they are saying is true. This is true all over the world. When people are unable to view the world, take the time to read and understand other's opinions, and analyze what their leaders are saying, they follow without question and this gives tyrants the chance to cause destruction which forces other nations to jump in and try to stop them. I am not saying that all leaders at bad, but as we can all see, dictators usually take over the poorest or the weakest group of people. If we could educate the entire world, give them information, and show them how to form their own opinions based on facts, we can fix a lot of the world's problems.
  12. I believe that religion, if properly practiced, promotes peace instead of warfare. It is the extremists that ruin it for those who try to be peaceful and modest when worshiping.
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