why did i get banned

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Dragonoid800, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. ok here is what happened
    i was haveing a day in empiremincraft i was in the wild i saw someone it was mayoman300 i asked for alliance he said yes so i followed him to his base where another person was named
    honeydew-rocks they told me to sit in there bunker whick was made of obsidian i did i put my stuff in there cheast for safekeeping then the lit the bunker ablaze i had water and suvived by half a hart but they lit it agen i died i came back rageing i got lava and killed honeydew-rocks for he was the only one there anymore i ran away he then talked to me in safe chat saying stuff like i am sorry mayoman made me he payed me to do it so i came back and gave him his stuff but not his flint i noticed he did have some of what i think was my stuff he told me mayoman300 pays him 100 a person and right now is tought time after i gave him his stuff to know he was telling truth he gave me 10000 rupees i logged off after i wheil i came back on the same day saw mayo man and said i dont care what i will hunt you down you killed me now i will kill you

    and that is why
    ether i got banned becuse i said i will kill you or honeydew-rocks doublecrossed me and reported me

    please let me back in i say all truth i sware to god

  2. PM a mod for a ban appeal.
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  3. MP the mod/admin who banned you to discuss this. Do it in a private conversation on the EMC site. The person you have to talk to is GameKribJeremy. Remember that PVP is not acceptable in any situation.
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