Why are there spiteful comments commonly in Politics and Religion

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  1. Yes I am going this far to explain this issue. In general, there are many opinions about many topics but these are the most sensitive. There is a cause for hate and a very simple way avoiding a large spirling off topic debates.


    Here is two good "Bad" examples

    "I don't like anyone who is a Christian"
    Next player comments,
    "America is built apon Christians so your anti-american."

    "I thought Obama was a good president"
    Next player comments,
    "He made gays have marriage freedoms, your stupid if you think that is great"

    As you may see, player one had a opinion and he or she said it not directed towards anyone. That is totally fine. Player two however took it the next level and became rude even though that was their opinion. Now there is a easy way of fixing this on each side.


    Fixing the Problem
    These are the steps

    1. If the opinion offends you don't be rude, that is their opinion and they have freedom to say it.
    2. Explain why you beleive in your opinion than say "I hate that." Be constructive in your response
    3. Keep on topic to the debate so people don't stray off topic
    4. Give solid evidence (political speaking)
  2. Seems like this applies.
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  3. The internet is full of different types of people, from different places, beliefs, and political views. That is why so many issues come up when these two types of things are mentioned. The best thing to do when you see this type of stuff some up and issues begin to happen is put yourself as far away from it as possible, no matter how much you want to comment your opinion, if issues are already in progress the opposing side is just going to direct their flaming towards you.
  4. Everyone has an opinion and everyone's opinion is important to them.
  5. I agree. Generally speaking, I think the problem is when people think their opinions = facts and when people get all of their information from some post on Facebook that had lots of exclamation points. If anyone bothers to point out or cite actual, factual information suddenly you're a terrorist loving communist who hates freedom. :p
  6. Yes it does but this has examples and clear steps. I really wanted to remind everyone that...
    also not to be rude about it.
  7. Facebook, why relate for facts like wikipedia? :p
    If you have multiple cited websites that have proofed your point awesome! But don't glute.
  8. Quick question.
    Are those examples real or just your example of what could happen?
  9. Examples of what I saw. Just showing points.
  10. You have not answered my question. Are they Real or Not Real?
  11. There is something else at work here, something very important which many people easily overlook: the written word is horribly when it comes to expressing yourself. Actually writing something down in a way where the other person will pick it up exactly as you intended it is far more difficult than most people realize.

    And that is also the cause for many issues and misunderstandings.

    Not saying that this also applies here, but it could have just as easily.
  12. If the entire world could understand the value of this post everyone's life would be so much less stressful.