Who wants to go the end?

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  1. I will be hosting a party to find the end on smp4!!! If you would like to join, send an email to rouvinerh@gmail.com and include your username and res no.
  2. Oh yeah, the outing is on 15 of May so that you can take your time preparing :). Plz bring your own eye of enders so that if you get lost, you would know where to find us. All weapons allowed and if possible, bring some obsidian to make a small little hut to brew potions(what I did in a few other servers, and worked well) like speed, strength and regeneration. The dragon will go to anyone who can get it first, with fire allowed to kill others. I don't want the egg cuz you are the ones who want to follow me and I shouldn't take all the glory. Good luck and if you die, I will bring your items back to you. :)
  3. 2 problems then end has probly already been found end dragons are turnd off any way
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  4. Using fire to kill others is against the rules. Anybody caught doing this will be banned. Besides, the dragon and the egg has already disabled on every server.
  5. ooo at least find treasure at the stronghold.