Who Sells String Cheap?

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  1. hello,

    I need lots of string. I am looking for about 20 double chests of so of string.
  2. What are you possibly making..
  3. lol, y does it matter its not that much.
  4. There are 54 stacks in a double chest 54x20=1080 1080 divided by 64 is 16,875 pieces of string is a lot of string.
  5. I really wanna know what you're making now..
  6. Your making obsidian from string?
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  7. yes i am making obsidian with string, and this is my other account
  8. How... I dont under stand.
  9. come on smp6 and come to res 12731 i will show u
  10. I sell string if u still need some very cheap im on smp8