Who Has A Wii? :D

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  1. whats up everyone.. I kinda want to play my wii again but play with some one online.. i have a few online games. anyone here have a wii with/and/or games that we could hang out on besides mc

    I have:
    Mario Kart
    007 Goldenye
    probably a few others cant think of them right now *facepalm*
  2. I got Wii, but only 2 online games.
    Luckily one is SSBB =3
    Wish I knew my friend code, will upload it later if u want.
  3. if you wanna sure lucky its the weekend soon so i will have tons of time to play i shouldve included FC's :D
  4. I was just thinking how tiresome and exhausting minecraft would be on a wii, imagine having to try to break an obsidian block or spend hours mining away in a mine, you might as well actually be a miner and get paid for it. :p
  5. Ok, I will play later and post my friend code here.
    Looking forward to play with you! =D
  6. I have a black one:
    Mario Kart
    Black Ops
  7. Ha ha, that deserves a like and a meme =3
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  8. Ill probably make a big list of FCs of several people on the forum post and ppl can contact eachother if they add one another.. but yeah mc on wii would be painful btw I have homebrewed wii so free hacks if you guys want :D i normally dont do it cause it ruins the game.. now this thread is going to get flamed with people who think hacking is wrong and want to put their two pence on the subject.. please keep the post on topic and thx in advance
  9. I have a wii, but our wiimote hasn't been quite the same person since my sister dropped it in coffee.
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  10. AIs can have brothers and sisters?
  11. I didn't know AI's can have sisters or brothers =3
  12. My sister is a robot who is fueled by coffee.
  13. what is your fuel-source?
  14. I'm only code, I don't need one.
  15. back on topic people who wants to play wii this weekend besides emc :D.. when i get home tonight ill post fcs so stay tuned!
  16. Aww... I just asked my parents if I could play Wii but they said dinner will be ready in a few mins... :(
    I will play after the dinner and upload my Friend Code for SSBB here =D

    Also, andyone know if you can play online on Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock?
    That would be cool, but I guess you can't =,(
  17. I "Have" a wii - its more of a dust collector as I haven't used it in a good three months.... minecraft for wii, I'd start using it again, thats for sure! =P
  18. I had a wee earlier, then I flushed it away. Ohh oops :oops:
  19. Eh Sure, I can play Mario Kart :D

    Warning: May do terrible due to months of not playing it ._.
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  20. Finally got my friend code!!! :D :D :D