Who built this on SMP6?

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  1. Hello everyone I have noticed that there was just a huge cobblestone wall that obviously took a long time to make. Who built this? Why?

    If you know who made this please tell me I just have to know! I bet there is also a lot of people who really want to know where this came from!
  2. Someone with many friends and much time on their hands. :)
    Nice job whoever did it, I could use that cobblestone to improve on my smp7 castle. ;)
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  3. @ second screenshot, sesame open didnt work so, griefers gonna grief!
  4. the wall is made with this wierd type of cobble generation
  5. After looking again, this is probably made with throwing out lava+ water buckets. That would mean that it could be one person, or a group with not so much time on their hands, but still wanting to leave a footprint on the livemap ^^
  6. I dont know but it looks pretty cool
  7. Totally believe this is what was done :) I like it :)
    Castle expansion coming VERY SOON! :D
  8. I saw it! It looked epic! It was really griefed :'(
  9. It was griefed :O...:(
  10. I really want to know who made this...
    If someone made this by themselves and actually gathered all the resources for this by themsleves my head will literaly explode.
  11. watch the vid very simple to make
  12. Tried it on 515. Works beautifully. I tweaked what was in the video to get full walls and be able to recycle my lava.

    I'll post details if needed.
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  13. Uhh what video?
  14. Make your own video =3
  15. please indulge! i have a project taht i have been working on for literally months on. my city was my second world that i ever made in 1.6.6 right before 1.7 came out. i pretty much made tons of houses. now im working on the walls. i have not used TMI or creative or any cheats or mods on it. this method would really help make it, especially if you have an improved version!
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  16. This isn't the fastest way or the best way , this is the method i'm using that could probably be improved on. There's a few things to note , you get perfect flats walls , 2 sides , with a layer of lava inside. ( perfect against mobs and dumbstruck griefers mining through your walls ). You can complete this with very little lava since you can pick it back up unlike the other method showed in the video above.

    I suggest to enclose the floor of your project to limit the mess.
    This is small scale , ( /v 505 to see bigger scale )

    Start with a simple rectangle.

    Make a path under to make the water spill side ways.

    Circle around it , far enough to not obstruct the path of lava or water and down enough to reach under the dirt path with a lava bucket.

    Place lava right under the dirt , do not leave any space in between , 10 blocks , 10 buckets of lava.

    If you do it correctly it should look like this.

    You can now pour the lava on top.

    Once done , remove all the water , it may take a bit of time for bigger towers to completely complete the process.

    You can now break the dirt path to recuperate the lava , a layer of lava will still exist between the walls.

    If you do it correctly it should look like this

    Not like this ( if you space the buckets , this is the result you get )

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  17. This all seems a bit confusing so I'll read it and try it on my server when I'm not trying to go to bed while practically overdosed on sleeping pills. *insert picture of a drunken mess here, cause that's probably what I look like*
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