Which SMP has the least number of claimed outposts?

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  1. Investigating an experimental type of outpost, where already-established outposts will all contribute builds for a year - at which time the new outpost should be fully functional but unpopulated and maybe put up for sale. The plan is that each month we will hold a competition for best build.

    So to make it easier to decide where to do this, which smp has the fewest already-established outposts?

    Many thanks for any staff who can help us with these statistics.
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  2. I understand the initial appeal of such an endeavor, but feel this would only be practical to those outposts who are already sitting around complete and wondering what to do next. Personally, I would much rather invest time adding to the infrastructure of my own outpost before doing something like this. In the long run, I feel if you do manage to pull something like this off, it would be a great collaboration, but that after a year's investment you will have a nice group of people that most likely have bonded, and may prefer to stay at said outpost versus sell it.

    What happens if two interested parties have both contributed greatly to the building of said outpost, and do not want to work together moving forward. Both could try and outbid the other if it were placed for sale, but I sense this could turn into a bad situation.

    While on the topic of joint endeavors, I will chime in to say that I would take the time to help build an embassy in other outposts at a future time when certain specific on-going goals have been achieved with my outpost. This is to indicate in the course of the next year I could see doing something like this. While I have seen a few threads proposing the establishment of an overall entity that could help facilitate / manage outpost activity, I would prefer to simply be allied with other outposts vs. join a UN like council.

    An alliance could help foster the joint construction of buildings in each parties respective outpost in an arranged event like unto the mining ones hosted by the Empire. This would bring value to each of the involved outposts. I also recognize this would benefit from outpost interaction, and also be more feasible when "Empires" is completed. As it is still a circumstance of vulnerability at this time, I would also like to point out that the pictures you posted in your other thread helped me find your outpost within a very short period of time.

    Keep brainstorming the good ideas, and good luck with your endeavor.


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  3. We weren't really trying to hide our outpost, but it is a closed community and we normally hide ourselves on the map ;) At the time I felt I had traveled pretty far out from spawn but nowadays we are a hub for people jumping to outposts much further on. So far though, I am happy to say (knocking on wood), that we have not had any major griefing - and the one incident that was malicious was from a former member who decided to tear a few things up before leaving the server for good.
  4. there was fawkesradar