Which Server Needs a Megamall?

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  1. Hey All!

    I'm going to be building a 2 residence Megamall. These residences will be linked togther. The megamall will be very reasonably priced and very active.

    Which server needs it most?
  2. Some will say smp6, and I'm just going to say don't. There are 3 being built, so I don't recommend building it there :)
  3. I'd suggest smp8.. I've never seen a mall on there :3
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  4. Try smp7 or smp8.
    Both are reasonably populated, but don't have many big shops. :)
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  5. smp3 only has one and its partially closed and slightly overpriced
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  6. smp8 it is!
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  7. I actually think one on either 4 or 8 would help. anywhere else you might get too little traffic and profit. 1,2, and 9 are pretty much packed with mega malls. 3, 6, and 7 -- not so much. 7 has pretty good economy but 3 and 6... has barely any mega malls because that's where most "businesses" come from.
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  8. There will be a 2 to 4 residence megamall going on SMP8 soon!
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  9. My friend and i did a pole like this and got SMP3 by a large margin. Maybe this pool will turn out differently. CAll me crazy but I would recommend SMP1. Many malls there have just been forgot about and have poor stock. 1112 was a great mall but the new managers are having issues with it. 509 is good but still has stock issues and bucky currently has a low rupee count. 413 and 405 would be your only true competition (unless 202 turns out well(probably will). I decided to no longer make my SMP1 and SMP3 malls and focus on a non-profit but tell me if you want me to help out if you are really serious about it.
  10. If you ever need help with something let me know, 8's my home server and I'd be glad to help out
  11. I actually just claimed 4 residences next to each other on SMP7. I will be building there.
  12. SMP5! I tried but b/c I became somewhat inactive it didn't work out! But there r great buyers here and if u can stock it they r in need of a great mega mall! I could also help u out a lil on weekends! (With donations) :)
  13. I don't see the point of a 4 res mall. I think 1 res is truly enough.
  14. I'm glad it's on smp8.
    So many go on and ask: "Who owns a mega-mall?"
    And no one has an answer since there are no popular malls there.
    edit: nvm, ninja'd by some posts above
    edit of edit: two posts below ;)
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  15. the awkward moment when it is on smp7.
    EDIT: Nevermind
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  16. Yeah, changed my mind on the 4 res, i'll have a utopia, 2 res on 7 and a 1 res shop on 8 :)