Which foreign contry should colonize your country?

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  1. I found it from /r/Europe and I thought why not bring that question to here.

    So yeah, which country should colonize your country?
  2. I'm from England. I have Welsh, Irish and Spanish history. Nobody in the history of my family has ever lived in a place (as far as I can trace back, anyway) that has been one to get colonized. They've always come from countries with the largest Empires in the world :p

    TL;DR: Nobody. The UK would never let someone colonize them :p

    Although, if you're wondering; I kinda wish Harald Hardrada had successfully invaded England in 1066. That way the UK would never have existed and would be part of Norway; a country I'm quite fond of... :p
  3. I'm sure you would still have been born, had the entire history of the world been changed like that.
  4. I'm from Norway! :D
  5. I don't really care about my existence all too much. If it made the UK a nicer place to live in (95% of the country is falling apart and everywhere but London is the equivalent of Detroit), then I'm all for it.
    I'm kinda jealous of you D:
  6. I don't think this thread is asking you that...
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