What's youre reptile?

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How many animals do you have

1 7 vote(s) 43.8%
2 5 vote(s) 31.3%
3 0 vote(s) 0.0%
4 2 vote(s) 12.5%
5 1 vote(s) 6.3%
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10 1 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. Hello all of EMC! While i was off on a break from minecraft and my computer in all i got into a obsession with almost all reptiles. So big that i am thinking about turning my old unused bedroom into a habitat for a Black Throat Monitor. The point of this thread is to tell me what your reptile or unusual pet is.
  2. Mine is called a "Hamster". Very unusual.
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  3. Wow. You weren't kidding when you said that that is "Unusual".
  4. I have a parakeet. :D
  5. My mind is filled with dirty things after I read the title of this thread.
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  6. How?
  7. Monitors are dangerous and hard to take care of. Do you know what you're doing? I really reccomend you start out with something smaller, like a bearded dragon or a cornsnake. I spend time in two exotic pet-stores and handle, sometimes feed, the red-bellied piranhas, beardies, horned lizards, tarantulas, newts, frogs, and skinks there.

    One time the pet-store allowed me to feed their 2 store-pet iguanas and their alligator :D The alligator was only a ickle baby though, and it almost bit me. It just clipped my finger, and even that hurt...

    I have a dog, and 2 pet Axolotls. They aren't reptiles, but they're exotic :D

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  8. Nobody beats my obsession with animals. Nobody :p

    Seriously. I read up on dinosaurs all the time, I spend alot of my free time studying evolution, I read up on the digestive systems of animals, I study the behaviour characteristics in my Axolotls, too. I'm also going to be doing my GCSEs in science, and then move on to doing my A levels in biology. I want to go to University and train up to be a zoologist for amphibians, mammals and reptiles.
  9. Just to prove i have a greater/equal obsession with animals to SoulPunisher. :p

    I had 2 Bearded Dragons, they laid eggs but the male got....excited......and the female ended up laying so many eggs I couldn't get enough calcium into her before she died, by the time i realized what was happenning it was too late :( . -_- i didn't like that male lizard afterwards
    I have 2 box turtles that do nothing but sleep, eat and try and ram the glass of their cage.
    I have some bizarre tortoise from Africa i found on the side of the road; he had a big hole in his shell but i repaired it and nursed him back to health. Someone got tired of keeping him and just let him loose.
    I have a chihuahua that is the bane of my existence, he has decided my bed is his favorite place to go to the bathroom -_-
    And i have a snapping turtle that currently lives with my uncle for two reasons.
    1. He almost took off my finger.
    2. He got too big for the tank and now lives in a small pond in my uncles backyard and eats anything that goes near the water. (He has grabbed a small bird before ._. )

    I have had a Largemouth Bass some jerk caught and released in a two foot deep puddle. I named him Jaws because he would bit smaller fish in half and charge at me whenever i would come too close to his tank ._.

    I kept 2 slider turtles my sister named Slidey and Sheldon for awhile, then they started breeding and went to live with my uncle as well.

    and i had two bird dogs for a VERY long time, but because they were "Purebred" this meant they would go loopy after about 7 years (Cortana anyone?) so they went to a home where they could live out the rest of their lives and not hurt anyone.

    My uncle also has two twelve foot boa constrictors.......
    He used to feed them chickens and then they got too expensive, so they eat rabbits now....
    So yeah.
    I am obsessed with animals.
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  10. Used to have tanks full of fish.
    Have had numerous dogs.
    Only a few cats.
    Mom made us take care of chickens, goats, pigeons, and ducks.
    Have had tanks full of pet mice.
    Once got a hamster, just to end up with like...12 because it turned out to be pregnant.

    I currently have two stupid cats. Saw a stingray in the local pet store, I think it would be awesome to have, I just don't want to get stung. Snakes are awesome. I'd love to get one.