What's up with heads?

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  1. Heads were supposed to have been fixed a long time ago, in the 1.8 update, I believe. That, however... just didn't happen. Heads are still really, really broken.

    So supposedly the goal of heads is to have them retain their current texture, even if the player's skin changes. That is not the case. Getting heads to actually drop as the correct skin is hard enough. But keeping it at that skin is impossible.

    Heads have conflicting personalities. I've had a few stacks of PenguinDJ3 heads with different textures in my vault for a while. They were good when created. However, all of the heads will randomly switch to any of my past PenguinDJ3 skins, and keep switching randomly.

    This makes head farming and obtaining heads in general really difficult and annoying. I don't know if the devs are aware, because as I said it was supposed to have been fixed. Anyway, thought I'd throw this out there. I was wondering if there is any idea when, or if, heads will be fixed.


    Oh, and one more thing: can a dev confirm that heads not updating names is intentional? I have a few Penguinub heads I don't want changing on me. :P
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  2. it appears to be a client bug. The head knows its texture, but the client is freaking out seeing the same UUID :/

    I don't know if we can fix it.
  3. Late comment but.. It seems to me as if heads are still glitchy in the overall. For example: I'm still running into issues where heads of the same mobtype simply won't stack, no matter what I try. /vault often doesn't do a thing here, the only thing which eventually happens is that I end up with 2 stacks in my vault ;)

    Right now I'm "fixing" this by simply dumping all the heads which won't stack in Aya's "AFK chest" but yeah. It still seems a little bit flakey here and there.

    Reason I comment here is because I noticed another thread about this (so I assume) getting closed while in fact the issue more or less remains.
  4. I'd like to echo what Shel said. Mob heads often won't stack.

    For example I was killing zombie pigmen and got about 40 heads and then new heads I get won't stack. Weird thing is sometimes later on I'll get more zombie pigmen heads that won't stack with the second stack anymore but WILL start stacking with the first stack again.

    Yes, I do switch servers sometimes, sometimes I log off and back on, but I haven't been able to make sense of why this happens.

    It's also happened with slime heads and others. I have them all in a chest if someone wants to look at them to investigate why this is happening.
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  5. Wait a second, you gave me a really good idea right there. I'm not 100% sure but last time this happened to me was after Aya and me went hunting on SMP4. So now I wonder if the server difference might have done it. Of course: I also hunted on Utopia during my last days as gold supporter (last days during the voucher duration) and I think those did stack.

    Either way: I'm going to try and put this to the test: hunting mobs on other servers, hoping to get a head, and then check if those stack. I'll report back here later (will probably take a while ;))
  6. No, I don't think smp's are the problem. Me and my brother play at smp5 wild and when we were new to the server we would die a lot. I have 2 stacks of my own heads and 2 stacks of my brother's heads. I've never noticed any pattern in stacking, some would go to the first stack, some to the second.
    But two things I did notice:
    • Whenever one of my stacks would change to a previous skin, the other stack would do the same. Always.
    • Most of the times (cannot say for sure it was every time) my heads would change, my brother's heads would change as well.
  7. I know absolutely nothing about coding, heads, or UUIDs, so forgive me if this is a stupid idea. Is there a way to remove the UUID from heads completely and just give them a texture ID?
  8. I have had problems with this, My first head still has my Steve Skin and my old name and it just won't update.
  9. That's actually what is supposed to happen. Heads aren't ever supposed to change textures or names. :)
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