What's in a Dream?

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  1. I'm aware of another thread that spoke about dreams, but I made a new thread because this is about your mind using your dreams to convey a specific message to you. I wanted to share a very interesting dream I had last night that made me wake up with a new outlook.

    The dream:


    I don't remember how I got there, but I was walking in this park and there were multiple faces of my past walking towards me. There were teachers, friends, and ex-boyfriends all together just walking towards the entrance silently, from which I was entering. It was a weird sensation though. My mind was actively telling me that I was in a dream and that I was there for a reason. I scanned the crowds and tipped my head to multiple people of my past until the crowds thinned out. Inside my head, the thoughts were 'You aren't the one I'm looking for. You aren't the message I need. Keep moving, they are here somewhere'.

    As the crowd thinned out, I noticed a chain link fence and an opening in the fence where my 7th grade boyfriend was leaning against the fence on the other side. Upon my acknowledgement, something seemed to scream inside my head that he was the message. At the same time, he walks to the opening in the fence and into the park with me. The other people seem to vanish instantly.

    Our conversation goes as follows (him in blue, me in pink):

    'I haven't seen you in my dreams for a while. Why are you here?'
    'I think you know why'
    'How have you been?'
    'Good, though you know that because we talk on Facebook from time to time. That's not the question you want to ask.'
    'I know.'
    'Krystal, you know what I'm going to say because we're in your dream, not mine'
    * both sit on a nearby bench*
    'Figured it out yet?'
    'But why you? Why not one of my teachers from back then? I've had plenty of dreams being thrown back in high school. Why take me all the way back to middle school?'
    'Friendly face I suppose. Someone that you didn't HAVE to talk with, but that you wanted to.'
    'So, you're here as a friend obviously and not a boyfriend'
    'I'm here for what you wanted me to be here for.'
    'Talking in riddles solves nothing'
    'Tell your mind that. Besides, since I'm only in 7th grade at this time, obviously not your boyfriend in this case'
    'Fine, I suppose I can help you out.'
    'Would be appreciated at this point.'
    'What were were before we were boyfriend and girlfriend?'
    'Um, best friends.'
    'Exactly. And how did we become friends?'
    'I kicked your butt in every class and you were the only one that could get close to keeping up with me'
    'ALMOST every class. So what does that tell you'
    'That I should have paid more attention in history.'
    'You never cared about history class, so why would you now?'
    'I don't know. Look, I don't know why you're here, so can you speed this up. I'm about to wake up. I think my alarm is --"

    I woke up, turned off my first alarm, then went back to sleep, knowing I had only 20 mins before my second alarm. This time I appeared in what seemed to be a bootcamp of sorts. It was highly reminiscent of the recent Warrior Dash that I did in March, except there seemed to be people shouting for you to pick up the pace along the entire course. Below each person, there was a number screen, almost like it was a video game. I have absolutely no idea what this number was actually measuring, but mine was fluctuating between 10.0 and 11.0 as I was jogging the course.

    Out of nowhere, the same guy from earlier shows up, now older and likely about my same age. He starts to pass me, but I press harder and run faster. My number climbs to 14, then 15, then levels out at 16. I turn to my left and he's running along just half a step behind me. The finish line is in my view and I am nearly dying from forcing my muscles to work this hard, but I cannot let him win. Just before we reach the finish line, we're poofed away to some other world.

    "What just happened?'
    'Where are we?'
    'I have no idea. Once again, your dream, not mine'
    'Well then I should warn you, my dreams get a little weird some--'
    *Dragon flies overhead, and we just stare straight up*
    'Yeah, you don't have to tell me twice. I remember some of your stories in English class. your imagination is extremely out of control some days'
    'So the dragon isn't part of this whole you and me and my mind playing a game with me?'
    *Dragon turns around and looks to be heading towards us'
    'Nope, so I'd advise that we run'
    'Right. Good thing we just finished running a freaking marathon. No time like when you're already dying of exhaustion to add a dragon chase.'
    'Your dream, not mine'
    'Why do you keep saying that?'
    'Ask yourself'
    'Ugh, you always were a sarcastic one'
    'You know you liked it'
    'Just run. You're here for some other weird reason than to flirt.'
    'See? Now you're getting it.'

    We run, somehow we end up in a big group, hiding from the dragon in a movie theater (this part is a little fuzzy, so don't ask how we got to this point). In the ruins of the movie theater is an elevator all decorated in glowing purple rocks. As we are all trying to board the elevator, someone in our group who was at one time turned into a large anaconda, then turned to stone, is somehow the key to get the elevator working again. We unfreeze her somehow, get the elevator working, and are heading up to the surface, when someone shouts 'Alduin's coming!'. At this time, my mind actively remembers Alduin is from Skyrim so my reaction is Really brain? That's the only name you could think of? My friends and I ascend to the surface and seal the elevator for good, locking Alduin in whatever world we were in (kinda looked like the End to be honest, which wouldn't surprise me). We find our way back to the park and sit down.

    'So are you ready for the lesson yet?'
    'Are you ready for the reason I'm here?'
    'Sure, why not? Being chased by dragons and all was just time filler or something?'
    'Something like that. Your dream, not mine.'
    'I really wish you'd stop saying that'
    'Well, I've gotta head off, so you want to know or not?'
    'Yes please.'
    'You're slacking at work and in life. You could do so much better, but you're taking the easy route. Why? Why not rise to and above the challenge like you did in middle school and blow people like me out of the water. You need to get your butt in gear. Work out more, clean the house more, put in the effort more. Get off slack when you're at work so you can focus. You're letting the days just drag by like you cross off days on your calendar at work. That's not like the Krystal I knew and I know it's not the best you can be.'
    'You couldn't have just said that from the beginning?'
    ''It's your dream, not mine. Your mind decides the best way to present you with the knowledge. I'm just the messenger.'
    'So the dragon?'
    'Your mind trying to have one of your normal dreams I think. I wasn't briefed on that.'
    'Good to know that's what I consider normal. So it's time to wake up I guess?'
    'Seems like it'
    'Hey, thanks for coming.'
    'No problem.'

    He gets up and leaves through the same break in the chain link fence as before. I sit and watch him leave. Then I wake up and it's 2 mins before my second alarm goes off.


    So that's that I guess. I just thought I'd share. I haven't had a dream in a long time where I had such a straightforward conversation with someone from my past. I wanted to jot it all down before I forget the important parts.

    Anyone else ever have a dream where they had a straightforward conversation with a character and you actively knew it was a dream?
  2. all my dreams arent...appropriate
  3. Tldr :p
    Disclaimer i did read a bit of it
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  4. That is wild. I have never had a dream like that, that I can remember. That you can remember it right down to the conversations is amazing I think. Not sure I really want to have a dream like that though. I get nagged enough when I'm awake. You know, "work harder, get this stuff fixed, stop playing so much minecraft", "blah. blah, blah". It never ends.
  5. I wish I could remember my dreams but I can't unless they're nightmares and even then I usually forget them. I used to have this one where a big dog always chased me to the front door of my house. When I got to the door, it was always locked and I'd wake up right before the dog got to me. I had this dream frequently so I told my mom about it. She said if the dog ever got me in the dream I would die in real life, so there's that lol. I also used to have this one when I was younger. I would be in the hospital because there was a huge bug in my ear. The doctors always tried squirting water into my ear and other things to get it out, but they never could. For the longest time, I thought it was an actual event that happened to me when I was about 4. My mind does strange things when I'm sleeping.
  6. Dreams are weird... I have had dreams where things chase me, dreams that seem so normal as if I am actually there in an everyday situation (school, yeah dreams about school... those are the real nightmares), and even some dreams where I am the character in a book I am reading (which is super cool because I read alot of espionage thrillers/fighting terrorism fiction, so basically I am killing terrorists in my dreams... is that weird?).

    I even remember this dream when I was like 7 years old, remember that show Dragon Tales? Yeah well, I dream that I was with the dragons in the show, and they told me stories and played board games with me. It was a strange dream.

    I've had many strange dreams, and like bite said; many that are not appropriate for EMC forums. The mind is strange when you are dreaming. I am just glad I am not one of those people that will dream like nightmares all the time and jolt up in bed panting, if I have a "nightmare" I usually end up killing whatever it is that is coming at me or trying to scare me, not sure if that is weird or not. :p

    So yeah, thats how my dreams go when I remember them...
  7. I am definitely one of those people. It's like I have to force myself to wake up.
  8. My dreams are weird and random. Some are about school or holes or emc or Aikar or my dog or other random stuff or tv shows or money or strange endless mazes... :eek:
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  9. I can generally remember the dreams for the first half of my day. Then slowly they disappear and trying to force the memory doesn't work. That's why I waned to write this one down as soon as I could. It was extremely lucid.
    I have one about snakes in my backyard. It's the same nightmare every time and the weirdest thing is that I often recognize it's the same nightmare and try to save myself from repeating it again and again. I have a lot of dreams where my mind accepts that it's dreaming, but takes me through the roller coaster anyway.
    This is a really neat analysis. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Makes me feel better than Travis did =P
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  10. I have similar dreams where it is my Grandpa who does the talking to me. I was only 3 months old when he passed away but my Mom said he was very proud of me and liked to carry me around from the day I was born. In the dreams we are drinking coffee-of great importance as he rarely was seen without a cup-on a ranch that has cows, horses, goats, etc...mom isn't sure exactly where that part comes from but it's always in the same place. I described the clothes he is wearing-red/black plaid shirt, khaki work pants & suspenders- and she showed me pictures of him in the same outfit. He usually shows up when I'm going through something in my life, when I'm questioning decisions I'm making (or about to make) or when I'm having a difficult time. He never holds back and usually sets me straight on my issues or just lets me know how things should be. I know it's a dream in the dream and it seems so real. I usually wake up feeling better about my issues but also a bit sad because I wish that I could have known him in my life.
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  11. I had a dream once where I was hiding from something in a closet and some kind of gun appeared in my hands out of nowhere, then I was suddenly in a minecraft like warzone... my dreams are usually completely random :p
  12. I had a dream once, many years ago, that evil toys (if you've ever seen American Horror Story, they were like the freakshow intro) were attacking my little sister. I couldn't move, I couldn't even talk or scream. It was a weird feeling not being able to move at all or make any kind of sound. It was a very short dream, all I remember are a bunch of evil-looking toys crawling towards my sister and I couldn't do anything to save her.

    These days I'm lucky if I remember anything from my dreams when I wake up.