Whats going on???

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  1. First, it says everyone on smp6 is an op (You are now op!), then "notch" joins and talks for 1 min then leaves, then it says "You are no longer op!" and then nothing. Wtf just happened?
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  2. Notch. Mc account name?
  3. Strange...

    Screenies or it didn't happen!
  4. No THE Notch. Notch who made MC.

    I posted about this too, but with a picture :/
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  5. It was listed as <Notch> , but I still dont know why it showd You are now an op! and then You are no longer op! in the span that "notch" was there
  6. :( i missed him
  7. What did he say?
  8. Idk but it was crazy. Hope JustinGuy sees this. O YEA also if it was the real Notch, he said he was reviewing the server. :D.
  9. Oh im sorry :/
  10. Maybe he got stuck in the tutorial?
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  11. Ask anyone who was on smp6. well go on right now. they will tell u. And again hope JustinGuy sees this.
  12. O and i asked him if he liked Sour patch kids and he said he liked some other candy better. :p
  13. you are able to scroll up through your chat log now, scroll up to it and press f2
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  14. Its been a while ago. I cant scroll up that far. But eemmmmm Yea. Idk the name of what he said. unless u can somehow load more chat
  15. I just can't believe it was actually THE notch
  16. Well idk if it was the REAL him because it had < > around his name.
  17. me either, im callin fake unless i see some screens soon
  18. Unless it was a hacker, who could give all the players op. unless ...... *looks at Justinguy*
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